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Dem lawmaker: If Norquist ‘wants to run government, he needs to run for office’


Rep. Karen Bass, a California Democrat, took a shot at Grover Norquist on Jansing & Co. saying when it comes to the fiscal cliff deal, he’s actually a bigger problem than negotiating entitlement reform.

Bass said Norquist “threatens Republicans with primaries,” especially after several Republicans said they were willing to moderate and discuss revenue.

“He took their quotes, he called them up… and essentially threatened them. I think if Grover Norquist wants to run government, he needs to run for office.”

Norquist is the President of Americans for Tax Reform, a group that organizes an anti-tax pledge. Most of the Republicans in the 112th Congress have signed on and pledged not to raise taxes. Former RNC chair Michael Steele said Monday on Morning Joe that were it not for Norquist, President Obama and Republicans could come to a deal on the fiscal cliff in “about 24 hours.”

On NBC’s Meet the Press Sunday, Norquist told David Gregory: “It’s the president who is threatening to raise taxes on the middle class if he doesn’t stamp his feet and get his way. He should get into a room with C-SPAN cameras there and negotiate. So instead of hearing rhetoric like this—because that was all show and no economics—let’s have it in front of C-SPAN cameras. And if the Republicans are being reasonable, we’ll see that. If they’re not, we’ll see that.”

Bass insisted, “I think there has been a crack in Grover’s armor—but it’s time we hold him to task.”

And she asked who is actually in control of the House of Representatives Republican Congress: Grover Norquist or Speaker John Boehner?

Dem lawmaker: If Norquist 'wants to run government, he needs to run for office'