Chris’ List: The Co$t of Driving


Right now the average for a gallon of gas is $3.62 a gallon. That’s up about ten cents from a year ago. The website takes a look at just how much it costs to drive certain cars.
Most Expensive Brands:

    1. GMC ~ 21.2 cents per mile

    1. Cadillac ~ 19 cents per mile

    1. Mercedes-Benz ~ 18.6 cents per mile

    • Cheapest model to drive: Toyota Prius (7.2 cents per mile)

    • Most expensive:  Bugatti Veyron (35.9 cents per mile)  It also costs more than $2 million so if you own this car, you’re not too worried about gas mileage


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Chris' List: The Co$t of Driving