Chris’ list: Hidden hotel fees

Chris' List
Chris' List

It’s not just the airlines tacking on extra charges these days. USA Today hasa list of five hidden hotel fees to be wary about in 2013:

    • Baggage holding charges: You could now pay two dollars a bag to hold your luggage if it’s too early to check in

    • Minibar restocking fees: Not only are you paying for the minibar’s vodka or the pretzels, but you’re paying to have the fridge stocked up again

    • Wi-Fi fees based on what you use: It may say free Wi-Fi, but that may be just for basic tasks like checking email…they may get you if you use it to stream movies, for example

    • Early departure fees: More hotels are charging early departure fees

    • Cancellation charges: And read the fine print if you have to cancel your stay!