Chris’ List: America’s richest presidents

Chris' List
Chris' List

This Presidents Day, the website analyzed the net worth of every president in 2010 dollars. Here are the five richest presidents, according to the list:

    • 5. The largest landowner in his Virginia county, James Madison is at number five with $101 million

    • 4. Andrew Jackson married into wealth. He was worth $119 million.

    • 3. Theodore Roosevelt was born into a prominent family and had a trust fund. Net worth: $125 million

    • 2. Thomas Jefferson was worth $212 million. His father left him 3,000 acres and several dozen slaves

    • 1. And the richest president ever was George Washington at $525 million. His salary was two percent of the U.S. budget in 1789

The only living president on the top 20 list: Bill Clinton, with a net worth of $55 million.


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Chris' List: America's richest presidents