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E.g., 6/29/2020
Leona Wright, Mount Holly Gardens, NJ.

Bulldozing homes and civil rights

11/05/13 02:15PM

A NJ town decided that crime made one neighborhood--home to many black and Latino families--irredeemable, and set out to destroy it. The residents fought back, and the case is headed to the Supreme Court. read more

Scenes around the border town of Nuevo Progreso, Mexico on April 23, 2014.

Texas women are running out of options

04/25/14 07:12AM

There is no more birth control at the flea market. And if there ever were abortion pills, they’re long gone, too. What happens to the women left behind. read more

Autumn and Mike Sisco with their son Bobby in Quinton, Okla. Autumn and Mike had their son when she was 17 and he was 15.

16 and pregnant in the Choctaw Nation

03/24/14 11:29AM

A generation of young Choctaw parents has pushed the tribe's teen birth rate to double the national average, stretching resources where poverty, pain are plenty. read more

Thomas Blakely, a Choctaw Indian teenager, lives with his family in Idabel, Okla., one of many poor, rural communities within the sprawling Choctaw Nation in southeastern Oklahoma.

'Promise Zones' offer new hope to struggling Choctaw youth

03/12/14 02:00PM

President Barack Obama has announced the formation of five so-called Promise Zones in impoverished areas across the country. The Choctaw Nation made the list, along with communities in San Antonio, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and southeastern Kentucky. read more

Medal of Honor recipient U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Ty Carter is seen leaving the National September 11 Memorial in New York

Invisible Wounds: A Medal of Honor winner's fight to combat PTSD

11/10/13 10:45AM

Medal of Honor Recipient Staff Sargent Ty Carter was celebrated by the President in the East Room of the White House for “acts of valor” – the best phrase the military has to describe the mental toughness and personal bravery that rising above the horrors of war requires. read more

Jessica and Erick Davis at their Oklahoma City home on September 23, 2013.

'I'm showing my son mercy'

10/31/13 07:00AM

Ending a wanted pregnancy was always going to be painful. But living in the most "pro-life" state made it far worse. read more

Conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh talks with guests in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2009, prior to a Presidential Medal of Freedom ceremony for Colombian President Alvaro Uribe, former British Prime Minister...

What the Zimmerman verdict looks like on the right

07/19/13 11:00PM

When President Obama offered his most detailed remarks yet on the Trayvon Martin shooting Friday, he spoke of the unique concerns of African-Americans about the case based on a long history of discrimination that he had at times experienced himself. He called for a nonviolent response to the verdict, for calm introspection on all sides, and for... read more

Goldsboro residents pose for a portrait in front of Goldsboro Food Mart, a popular local hangout, located on 13th Street, the town’s main artery, June, 2013.

In black Sanford, a place to gather and wait for a verdict

07/12/13 05:30PM

Police Chief Cecil Smith drew a mix of high-fives and heckles as he walked down the main thoroughfare of Goldsboro, a historic black neighborhood at the heart of this Florida town. Passersby honked as he strode passed shuttered storefronts and dive bars. Eyes rolled as he made his way by a barbecue joint and a tattered old pool hall. Older women... read more

A woman holds a banner demanding a ban over human genes patents during a protest outside the US Supreme Court in Washington on April 15, 2013. The Supreme Court is poised to take up the highly charged question of whether human genes can be patented. ...

Will Supreme Court decide companies can own human genes?

06/01/13 09:45AM

Dr. Jonas Salk didn’t miss a beat when Edward R. Murrow asked him, in a 1955 television interview, who owned the patent on the polio vaccine. “Well, the people ,” Salk replied. “There is no patent. Could you patent the sun?” read more