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Did an airstrike really kill Kayla Mueller?

Did an airstrike really kill Kayla Mueller?

02/06/15 07:00PM

Although ISIS claims that an American hostage was killed in a Jordanian airstrike, some - including a Jordanian official - believe that ISIS may be lying and using the claim as propaganda. Chris Matthews and guests discuss. watch

Jenner brings gender identity issues into...

Jenner brings gender identity issues into focus

02/05/15 07:51PM

Decades after being hailed the “world’s greatest athlete,” Bruce Jenner is again at the forefront of the American conversation with reports that he might transition into a woman. The Hardball Roundtable looks at how American culture has changed. watch

What's involved in big visits to the Capitol

What's involved in big names visiting the Capitol

02/05/15 07:37PM

The Hardball Roundtable – Michael Steele, Amanda Terkel, and Ken Vogel – examine the politics and the possible outcomes of the upcoming congressional appearances by both Pope Francis and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. watch

Let Me Finish: The "Grandmother" Strategy

02/04/15 09:28PM

Let me finish with Secretary Clinton's role in life. Many people pull back from the title of "grandparent." Hillary Clinton is a "grandmother" and has no problem with the name, and I presume the idea. It's where she is in life and wants the world to know there are certain strengths, and a serious amount of wisdom... read more


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