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E.g., 8/29/2015
The do’s and don’ts of debating

The do’s and don’ts of debating

08/05/15 07:47PM

We've got the rules to live by for the Republican candidates as they take the debate stage tomorrow night. The Guardian’s Sabrina Siddiqui, Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and political science professor Jason Johnson make up the Hardball Roundtable. watch

Haley Barbour plays Hardball

Haley Barbour plays Hardball

08/04/15 07:19PM

Donald Trump is on top of the field heading into the first debate and Chris Matthews asks former party chairman Haley Barbour whether the party should play to the base like Trump does, or get behind a candidate who can win the general election. watch

Sideshow: "Machine-gun" bacon?

08/04/15 01:02PM

For presidential hopeful and Texas senator Ted Cruz, a typical breakfast consists of bacon with a side of target practice.In a new video by IJReview (the company behind the viral hit “How to Destroy Your Cell Phone with Lindsay Graham”), Ted Cruz shows Americans how he prefers to wake up and cook breakfast. read more


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