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E.g., 4/23/2014
E.g., 4/23/2014
Former President Jimmy Carter is in favor of marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington State. (Susan Walsh/AP Photo)

WATCH: Jimmy Carter plays Hardball

04/09/14 04:40PM

Chris Matthews sits down with former President Jimmy Carter to discuss the importance of gender equality and civil rights, Hillary Clinton, Iran, and his grandson’s gubernatorial campaign. read more

Renewed focus on gender pay gap

Renewed focus on gender pay gap

04/08/14 08:00PM

Chris Matthews talks to Lilly Ledbetter and Michael Steele about the fight to close the gender pay gap in America, and the partisan fight happening in Congress now over the Paycheck Fairness Act. watch

Cheney, Paul get personal in new battle

Cheney, Paul get personal in new battle

04/08/14 07:59PM

The roaring battle between Dick Cheney and Rand Paul is getting personal as both sides, including Liz Cheney, take jabs at one another’s point of view on the Iraq War. Dana Milbank and Joan Walsh join Hardball to discuss. watch

Charlotte Figi, the namesake of the Charlotte's Web oil

The new faces of marijuana

04/08/14 11:03AM

The movement to legalize medicinal marijuana has a face like Charlotte’s--and it’s a young one that’s hard to ignore. Lawmakers across the country are pushing legislation to legalize marijuana oil as a treatment for children with epilepsy. read more