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Congress gets into the holiday spirit

Congress gets into the holiday spirit

12/13/11 07:00PM

Sideshow: Rep. Paul Tonko, D-N.Y., took the floor Tuesday morning to give a year-end address about the state of Congress and the middle class, sugarcoating his reality check with a timeless classic. watch

Coming up on Hardball... Mitt v. Newt!

12/13/11 05:54PM

And then there were two.  And with these two, the battle for the Republican nomination could be long and it could be nasty. Our new NBC-WSJ poll shows that Newt could win the nomination…but not the Presidency. Newsweek’s Peter Boyer penned this week’s cover story on Newt and University of Georgia Visiting Professor Cynthia Tucker covered Newt... read more

Let Me Start...

12/13/11 09:28AM

We've got our brand new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll out tonight. Will Newt be the Republican frontrunner nationwide? How does he fare in a general election matchup against President Obama? We've got the numbers tonight, along with a look at Newt's greatest hits. And we also have the Vietnam vet who got into a debate with... read more

Matthews: The GOP is about to seal a deal with the devil

12/12/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this. The Republican party is about to seal a Faustian deal with the devil. Every observer from left to farthest right knows what's going on here.The Republicans, led by the angriest among them, are about to give away their partisan souls for one all-consuming political purpose: the destruction of Barack Obama. read more

Coming up on Hardball...Can't touch this!

12/12/11 05:12PM

Can’t touch this! Newt’s winning streak is staying strong after a solid debate performance on Saturday night…so now is Romney’s only hope for taking over the lead a major Newt screw-up? msnbc Political Analysts David Corn and Howard Fineman join us tonight. Is Mitt’s campaign going the way of Hillary Clinton’s? read more

Let Me Start...

12/12/11 09:21AM

Mitt Romney, the $10,000 man? Mitt Romney is still dealing with the fallout from his $10,000 bet at the Republican debate Saturday night. Nothing could make him seem more rich and out of touch than offering to bet Rick Perry a huge sum of money that - for most Americans - is equal to three months of pay. So now Mitt's turning on the '... read more