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Let Me Start...

12/16/11 09:24AM

About last night: The Republicans running for president met in Sioux City, Iowa, last night for their last scheduled debate before the Iowa Caucuses on Jan. 3. And while they largely kept their attacks on President Obama, Newt Gingrich found himself on the receiving end of several tough questions from rivals about his record. Is Ron Paul on the... read more

Has Gingrich become a greater threat to the GOP than Obama?

12/15/11 08:00PM

"Nothing concentrates the mind like the prospect of a hanging." The English poet Samuel Johnson actually put it this way: "When a man knows he is to be concentrates his mind wonderfully."The emerging prospect of Newt Gingrich as the party's nominee for president late next summer has concentrated the... read more

Which candidate will win Iowa?

Which candidate will win Iowa?

12/15/11 07:00PM

With less than a month until the Iowa Caucuses, the Republican presidential candidates will hold their last scheduled debate before the voting begins on January 3. Radio talk show host Simon Conway previews the debate. watch

Coming up on Hardball...

12/15/11 05:41PM

Is the Republican establishment laying down an ultimatum to Mitt Romney: If you can’t take Newt down, then we will? Leading conservatives say Newt isn’t fit to lead. Why aren’t Washington Insiders, the people who know Newt best, rallying around him? David Gregory, Moderator of NBC’s Meet the Press, and Howard Fineman, Editorial Director of the... read more

Let Me Start...

12/15/11 09:25AM

The Empire versus Newt: The Republican party is saying that if Mitt Romney can't stop Newt Gingrich, the establishment will. Take a look at the National Review cover and the editorial attacking Newt. Meanwhile the Washington Post reports on how establishment GOP leaders are worried about Newt's effect down ballot. GOP strategist Mike... read more

Matthews: America needs many things but not Gingrich

12/14/11 08:00PM

Think about Newt Gingrich with tens of thousands of nuclear weapons at his disposal. Interesting thought isn't it?  A man known to be a bomb-thrower with real-live bombs in his hands.  You know, as I do, that the genius of our constitution is making the president the commander-in-chief.  It ensures that the top person in the military is the... read more