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Let Me Start...

01/02/12 08:21AM

Iowa Eve!Chris is once again live from Des Moines tonight on Hardball... And what a race we're following... the latest polling from PPP shows Paul, Romney and Santorum all within two points of each other. Paul's at 20, Romney has 19 and Santorum's at 18. Wow! Factor those numbers into Nate Silver's latest forecast model, and... read more

Matthews on Gingrich's tears: Politics is grueling business

12/30/11 08:00PM

Politics is a grueling business.  It's all about getting people to like you.  When you get elected, you think the whole word loves you.  When you get defeated, you feel the total rejection that is the lone experience of those who chose to put themselves before the public for approval or disapproval.  We have looked upon you and found you... read more

GOP gets serious

12/29/11 07:40PM

It's about Iowa, but also about the Republicans. I think they're getting serious... dead serious. They want to kill the Obama administration.  They want it gone! read more

More scrutiny for Paul’s background

More scrutiny for Paul’s background

12/29/11 07:00PM

Another aspect of Ron Paul’s backstory is troubling some Republicans, particularly his past support for fringe groups like the John Birch Society. Will those positions hurt him caucus night? Real Clear Politics’ Erin Pike and Iowa Republican Party... watch