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Image: President Obama Honors Emerging Entrepreneurs At The White House

Let Me Start: May 12, 2015

05/12/15 11:59AM

Let me start with what the Hardball Staff is talking about today: The Senate vote on Pres. Obama's trade agenda and the punishment that is handed down in "Deflate-gate" sparks debate. read more

Former Governor Jeb Bush (R-FL) addresses the National Review Institute's 2015 Ideas Summit in Washington on April 30, 2015. (Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters)

The strange, weird, desperate behavior of Jeb Bush

05/11/15 08:10PM

Let me finish with the strange, weird, desperate behavior of Jeb Bush. Look, the reason people initially took him seriously as a candidate, the reason people have looked to him over the years as a future hope, is the assumption that he's smarter than his brother, that he's a lot more like his father. read more

The clown car returns!

The clown car returns!

05/11/15 07:37PM

It didn't go so well for Mike Huckabee, Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson when they made their debut appearances this weekend as presidential candidates. Republican strategist John Feehery, Michelle Bernard of the Bernard Center for Women and USA Today’s Paul watch

President Obama vs. Sen. Elizabeth Warren

President Obama vs. Sen. Elizabeth Warren

05/11/15 07:26PM

It's President Obama against Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as the president's signature trade deal hangs in the balance, heading to a Senate vote Tuesday. The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and NBC News’ Perry Bacon discuss. watch

Tom Brady suspended for four games

Tom Brady suspended for four games

05/11/15 07:00PM

The NFL has handed down its punishment for New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady and he will be suspended for four games and the team faces a $1 million fine. Is this punishment just or is the league being too harsh? NBC Sports’ Rob Simmelkjaer, t watch

Let Me Finish: What we're celebrating Sunday

05/08/15 08:10PM

Kathleen and I have been together since 1978 which is incredibly almost four decades. What we've done professionally is, of course, small potatoes compared to raising three children, and now having two grandchildren to boot. That's Michael, Thomas, Caroline, Julia and Brendan - five charming young people who see us as parents and... read more

The growing fear of home-grown terrorists

The growing fear of home-grown terrorists

05/08/15 07:35PM

The Pentagon is concerned enough about the threat of home-grown terrorists that they're upping the security level at military bases across the country. Politico’s Roger Simon, the Daily Mail’s Francesca Chambers, and Buzzfeed’s John Stanton make up... watch

Going sci-fi with 'Ex-Machina'

Going sci-fi with 'Ex-Machina'

05/08/15 07:26PM

The new sci-fi movie “Ex-Machina” could be the sleeper hit of the summer. It's about artificial intelligence and what happens when technology gets ahead of humanity's ability to control it. The film's director Alex Garland talks to Chris Matthews. watch

Bush brothers in arms

Bush brothers in arms

05/08/15 07:00PM

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush tells a group that his brother, George W. Bush, would be his go-to guy when it comes to advice on the Middle East. Is being a hawk the one thing that unites GOP presidential candidates these days? David Corn and... watch

Chris Christie heads to New Hampshire

Chris Christie heads to New Hampshire

05/07/15 07:32PM

Governor Chris Christie can't escape the splash of the George Washington Bridge scandal as he makes his first major public appearance since those indictments came out last week. Michael Steele, Betsy Woodruff and Steve McMahon make up the Hardball... watch

What should punishment for 'Deflate-gate' be?

What should punishment for 'Deflate-gate' be?

05/07/15 07:19PM

If you accept the NFL's report that the New England Patriots likely deflated game balls on their way to the Super Bowl this year, the question now is how should they be punished? Sports Illustrated’s Steve Canella and WRC-TV’s Jason Pugh have more. watch


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