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Sideshow: Darth Vader at a rodeo?

06/07/15 09:00PM

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, former Vice President Dick Cheney attended a high school rodeo where his granddaughter was competing. When asked about his villainous alter ego, Cheney jumped on the opportunity to unveil one of his most prized possessions: a Darth Vader trailer hitch cover for the back of his truck. read more

Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

Let Me Finish: What the fall of the Berlin Wall teaches us in 2015

06/04/15 08:10PM

Let me finish tonight with this."People don't mind being used," a friend of mine once wisely observed. "They mind being discarded." When I was covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, I interviewed a number of East Germans. I asked them why the communist system was failing, why so many people were rushing to the West and so... read more

Tasteless timing or honest mistake?

Tasteless timing or honest mistake?

06/04/15 07:48PM

The tasteless timing of Ted Cruz. He called it a "mistake" to make a joke about the Vice President less than a week after Biden’s son, Beau, died from brain cancer. The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, USA Today’s Susan Page and NBC News Senior... watch

Best of enemies

Best of enemies

06/04/15 07:28PM

Two renowned public intellectuals faced off in a series of heated debates back in the 1960s. How the made-for-TV showdown between Gore Vidal and William F. Buckley came about is detailed in the new documentary, “Best of Enemies”. NBC News Presidential H watch

Growing concern about income inequality

Growing concern about income inequality

06/04/15 07:00PM

We're seeing a new phenomenon in politics. People are angry about stagnant incomes, but there's something more…they deeply resent that the billionaires are getting wealthier. Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and former Vermont Governor Howard Dean discu watch

A steady stream of voters cast ballots during the primary in the Walkersville Middle School cafeteria June 24, 2014 in Walkersville, Md. (Photo by Katherine Frey/The Washington Post/Getty)

Let Me Finish: Winning the most votes of those permitted to vote

06/03/15 08:10PM

We learned tonight that the Republican party is out to win in 2016 by a strategy of winning the most votes of those they "permit" to vote. This is interesting stuff: instead of letting the people decide who to vote for, the politicians decide who they let vote. "They" select the voters instead of the other way around. read more

President Obama courts Israel on Iran deal

President Obama courts Israel on Iran deal

06/03/15 07:29PM

President Obama's been trashed by his right wing critics for being anti-Israel. So what do we make of his comment that he's "the closest thing to a Jew that has ever sat" in the Oval Office? J Street President Jeremy Ben-Ami discusses with Chris Matthews. watch

Fight for the right to vote

Fight for the right to vote

06/03/15 07:17PM

Democrats are suing to roll back Republican voting restriction laws, filing suits in Wisconsin, Ohio and other key 2016 states. Marc Elias, campaign attorney for Hillary for America, and NAACP Legal Defense Fund Director Sherrilyn Ifill have more. watch

Pataki blasts Huckabee's transgender comment

Pataki blasts Huckabee for transgender comment

06/03/15 07:01PM

Mike Huckabee is criticized for remarks he made back in February about transgender individuals. Leading the attack is former New York Governor George Pataki who is running for the Republican presidential nomination and is hoping to woo GOP voters. watch


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