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Reflections on the 10 years of playing Hardball

10/05/07 08:38PM

Last night we had a great celebration here in Washington of ten years of 'Hardball.' We celebrated the wonders of the First Amendment and our freedom of the press which Americans of all political stripes treasure.I told the crowd that it hasn't always been easy these past ten years, that politicians don't like to be criticized, that in one case their efforts to silence critics, and to cover up those efforts, got a senior Cheney aide caught up in criminality, indeed, in a conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice.As my hero Eric Severaid once noted, we cannot always be right on the fact read more

Sen. Larry Craig says he will finish his term in the Senate

10/04/07 09:00PM

"Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.Craig staying in the Senate  Larry Craig looks like he's finished as a U.S. Senator - in 2009. After being denied a chance to change his guilty plea by that judge in Minnesota , Craig said "When my term has expired, I will retire and not seek reelection. I hope this provides the certainty Idaho needs and deserves." This means that Republicans will spend a full election year with Larry Craig actively engaged in their caucus. read more

Support continues to grow for Sen. Hillary Clinton

10/03/07 09:00PM

"Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.Teachers endorse HillaryToday Sen. Hillary Clinton won the endorsement of the American Federation of Teachers, one of the largest teachers unions in the country. It's a big boost from a powerful voting block. The Obama campaign saw this one coming, after Obama backed merit-based pay for teachers, which the union strongly opposes. McCain holds fireOn the Republican side, Sen. John McCain was all set to give a speech today at a military prep school, the Camden Military Academy in South Carolina, blasting Sen. read more

Pulling out all the stops for 2008

09/26/07 08:12PM

"Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.Obama has bucks, needs ballotsBarack Obama's campaign is saying it has 75,000 brand-new contributors which is almost as many people lining up with money as all the Republican candidates put together. However, Obama's biggest challenge is tonight. He has to take all that excitement and show it in the debate. He's the guy who has to put his mouth where his money is. Biden’s Iraq plan passes A couple of other Democrats just got some good news and some bad news. Today, the U.S. read more

Freebies for the Hillary Clinton crowd

09/17/07 08:18PM

"Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines. Junkets for Hillary’s crowdJunket time! Usually you have to win the election to get the free junkets. Not in the case of the Hillary Clinton crowd. The L.A. Times reports that fugitive businessman Norman Shue who raised tons of money for her has thrown in some nice bennies for her roadies. He flew Hillary's campaign manager Patti Solis Doyle and some other Hillarites out to the Mandalay Bay Hotel and casino, threw in a handful of show tickets and dinner comps. read more

Behind every great man...

09/07/07 07:44PM

"Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.“Snorey and Stinky” Obama There's an old phrase I heard years ago in politics.  "Behind every great man, there's a woman trying to kill him." Now that can be unkind, but you get the point.  Sometimes the person giving the candidate the toughest time is the spouse at home, the one who's not getting the attention, the one who gets mighty jealous when she hears the hubby getting all the attention from the jumpers in the audience and on the campaign staff.So with that questionable bit of political culture and legend read more

Mudslinging on all sides

09/06/07 08:18PM

"Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top political headlines.Obama takes on Hillary, Vitter takes on Craig Barack Obama has just started to call Hillary's bluff.  She brags about her experience.  He says it's not about "living" in the White House. It's about serving in "elected" positions. Obama also says, “I've been in elected office longer than John Edwards or Hillary Clinton.... read more

Remembering Michael Deaver

09/06/07 08:08PM

by Andrea Mitchell, NBC News correspondentMichael Deaver's friends came together at the National Cathedral today to celebrate what his good friend Jim Baker called "the miracle of a redeemed life." There were a lot of them:  Some still powerful, some once powerful and others newly empowered -- several hundred former drug addicts whom Deaver had helped rescue from the streets of the nation's capital. read more

Future looks gloomy for Bush and friends

08/29/07 07:52PM

In a new segment, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top five political headlines.  John Edwards, the dude with the hot-ticket haircuts, now wants the rest of us to cool it on expensive cars. "No more SUVs," he says, the minute he chugs into the presidency. Based on the latest polls, you won't have to hide your Suburban in the garage. read more