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What happens in Iraq if Talabani can't serve?

02/26/07 02:45PM

is well respected among both the Sunni and Shia communities – few Iraqi politicians can claim that distinction - making him a valuable member of the governance team in Baghdad.  What happens if Talabani cannot return to his duties?Talabani was acceptable as a compromise candidate for president – both the Sunni and Shia Arabs were willing to have a Kurdish president, and it was an inclusive gesture to the non-Arab Kurds.  Should Talabani not be able to continue in office, succession may become a constitutional issue.  The current Iraqi constitution states that “Presidential succession goes fir read more

Geffen hurting Obama, not Clinton

02/22/07 03:31PM

brawl this week started by David Geffen has captured a huge amount of attention.  Most people in this country don’t know who David Geffen is.   And for most of those in between New York and California, he represents something that they are just not too comfortable with – Hollywood values.  So go ahead, Mr. Geffen, attack away at Sen. read more

British troop cutbacks, Obama-Clinton war of words and the Libby trial

02/21/07 11:00PM

British Prime Minister Tony Blair, President Bush’s closest ally, announced today his plans to start cutting troops from Iraq. This comes at the same time President Bush is sending even more U.S. troops into Iraq. Vice President Cheney calls the British troop withdrawal “an affirmation... that things are going pretty well.” MORE.And speaking of wars... The Clinton and Obama campaigns spent the day blasting each other over former Clinton supporter David Geffen one of the biggest fundraisers in the Democratic part. We talk to Clinton’s communications Director Howard Wolfson. read more

Hillary camp blasts Obama for Maureen Dowd column

02/21/07 09:11PM

Hillary Clinton seems to have a strategy: nobody gets to criticize her. This morning at 9:38 a.m., her communications director put out a statement accusing Sen. Obama of being responsible for “vicious” attacks. The alleged attacks were quotes in a Maureen Dowd column by Hollywood entertainment mogul David Geffen, a former Clinton supporter who is backing Obama. So where’s the vicious?Geffen said : “I think the easiest to defeat.” “I don’t think anybody believes that in the last six years, all of a sudden Bill Clinton has become a different person.” read more

Rep. Murtha, can you spell V-i-e-t-n-a-m?

02/20/07 12:45PM

According to recent remarks by Rep. John Murtha, he intends to cripple President Bush’s “surge” plan in Iraq by placing numerous restrictions on how money can be spent, stating, “They won’t be able to do the deployment. They won’t have equipment, they don’t have the training and they won’t be able to do the work. There’s no question in my mind. We have analyzed this and there’s no way this can be done.”Perhaps the colonel –Murtha is a retired U.S. read more

Non-binding resolution: A cowardly act

02/19/07 01:59PM

passed such a resolution on Friday.What does a non-binding resolution accomplish?It does nothing but harm the morale of American forces in a combat zone and send a message to those we are fighting that the American Congress does not support their troops. It is a cowardly act – if those supporting the resolution truly have the courage of their convictions, they would introduce a bill cutting off funding for the war and force the withdrawal of the troops. read more

Mr. President, what are you prepared to do?

02/14/07 08:56PM

In his press conference Wednesday, President Bush said he is convinced that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Qods Force is providing components to Shia militias for use in roadside bombs.  He also said he is not sure if the supply of the munitions was “ordered from the top echelons of government.” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs General Peter Pace seemed equally vague, saying, “…I would not say by what I know that the Iranian government clearly knows or is complicit.”  Having worked the “Iranian problem” for many years while in the intelligence community, the thought that the Qods F read more

MSNBC to air first debate at Ronald Reagan Library

02/14/07 06:56PM

Former first lady Nancy Reagan announced today that she is inviting the leading Republican candidates to the first-ever debate at the Ronald Reagan library in Simi Valley, Calif, on May 3, 2007.The debate will air on msnbc, as well as simulcast online through the Web site of The Politico newspaper,  Full coverage will be available at release follows... REAGAN PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY TO HOST GOP PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES’ DEBATEFebruary 14, 2007 - Mrs. read more

Is this week's Iraq debate meaningless?

02/14/07 03:34PM

The Republicans are spending a lot of time this week screaming two contradictory messages at the Democrats.  They say that the resolution and the debate this week is a meaningless exercise.  Yet they also say that the debate sends a monumental signal to the world, demoralizes the troops and gives comfort to our enemies.  Which is it meaningless or significant?A non-binding House resolution.  Does America really know what that is?  A “House resolution” is a common thing for Congress to consider and vote on when there is no actual legislation to pass.  It is intended to put Members of Congress o read more