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Who won the town hall debate?

10/08/08 02:30AM

msnbc hosts and commentators reacted on-air following the town hall debate between Sen. Obama and Sen. McCain. Below, are some of the highlights of their responses.Chris Matthews This debate had a lot more substance than you could have imagined and not as much of the character attacks that we feared would overtake this debate. McCain on Obama, brought up taxes and said, “You can’t trust this guy. read more

Who won the debate?

10/03/08 02:12AM

msnbc hosts reacted instantly on-air to how they thought the debate went. Below are a few highlights:Chris MatthewsFor a while, I thought I was hearing recitation. She was more of a contestant than a candidate. I thought I was watching a spelling bee with some of Gov. Palin’s responses. It was so reciting, so automatic. She said she wasn’t going to listen to Gwen Ifill tonight. She also said didn't like "the filter of mainstream media," which means she’s not going to do more serious interviews like Katie Couric. read more

Matthews: Canceling the debate was a razzle-dazzle move by McCain

09/25/08 01:57PM

by Chris MatthewsSometimes I see the appeal of the parliamentary system where a government that has failed is no longer the government.  We have a presidential system is which is on the clock.  The president serves out his tour of duty regardless of his political effectiveness.  And there, on Wednesday night, we saw the president almost like a flashback.  It was like, “Is this the present?  Is he still president?  Is he somebody playing him on 'Saturday Night Live' that we‘re watching?”It didn‘t seem right, the president’s speech. read more

McCain's over-the-top reactions

09/25/08 01:52PM

by Rachel MaddowSen. McCain has suspended his presidential campaign and is threatening to skip Friday‘s presidential debate to work on the Wall Street bailout bill.  Is this a self-sacrificing manifestation of his “country first” program?  A self-aggrandizing political move to try to take the reins of leadership on economy from Barack Obama?  Both?  Neither? read more

Looking ahead to the November elections

08/06/08 06:24PM

With the days beginning to dwindle down before the November presidential election and the Democratic National Convention set to kick off on Monday, August 25, has released the Decision '08 Dashboard, a newly designed politics site, featuring election tools and interactives. read more

Remembering Tim Russert

06/14/08 09:02PM

by Chris MatthewsHe was a character right from Mark Twain. You know, the first kid to go barefoot in the summer, the first to wear shoes in the winter. He was a colleague, a role model—and let’s be honest this day—a rival. You couldn’t keep up with the guy. He heard it first. Better yet, saw it first. Saw what it meant and saw the path where this new bit of news led. Like Huck Finn, Tim Russert knew things about life that were in nobody’s notebook. read more

Thinking about Hillary

06/11/08 09:44PM

by Chris MatthewsEver since I was in first grade, I've been aware that the heroes of the two parties are not necessarily the people who win the presidency.  Think Adlai Stevenson.  Think Barry Goldwater. Compare them to some of the lesser lights who've gotten to the Oval Office.       I see another prospect for this list:The latest Gallup Poll Daily tracking has Sen. Barack Obama leading Sen. John McCain 51 to 38 percent among women.    You can attribute much of that growing edge to the gutsy, gung-ho campaign ran by Sen. read more

A textbook case

05/27/08 06:35PM

I was struck by what Joshua Micah Marshall has just written in a post called "The Long View" on his Talking Points Memo blog.  "Those of us who look at politics from moment to moment tend to look at gaffes, campaign strategies, the foibles of this or that politician. But it's always important to step back from the particulars to see the broad sweep of political and social change. It's almost always dominated by long term trends -- demographic, ideological, economic. read more

Matthews: Buzzed out

05/19/08 07:51PM

I argue politics for a living. In the years after 9/11 there emerged a vulnerability in this country, exploited by some, to any criticism of government policy. Dissent made people nervous, even suspicious.  This jumpiness inspired a mob-like attack on anyone who said anything that contains even a jolt of novelty, a spark of evidence that a mind somewhere might be getting out of line. read more

'What did Neville Chamberlin do?'

05/16/08 09:05PM

On Thursday's Hardball, Chris Matthews had a discussion about President Bush all but accusing Sen. Barack Obama of appeasement for wanting to talk to enemies of the United States. Conservative radio talk show host Kevin James and Chris Matthews then had a disagreement about what constituted appeasement. Chris Matthews had the following to say on Friday:"Look, I'm a student of history, especially of the late 1930s when the world didn't stand up to Hitler and my hero Winston Churchill saw all the hell coming and couldn't stop it. read more