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Chris Matthews busts a move

03/19/08 08:07PM

Chris Matthews was on the Ellen show recently and had this memorable dance moment.If you missed it, Willie Geist on today's "Morning Joe" had a recap... and also reminds us of more dancing antics of other msnbc anchors. read more

McCain to appear on 2008 Hardball College Tour

03/17/08 07:43PM

NEW YORK – March 17, 2008 – "Hardball with Chris Matthews" brings its take-no-prisoners style to the college circuit once again, as the "Hardball College Tour" hosts Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., live at Villanova University, Tuesday, April 15, 5-6 p.m. ET (repeats 7-8 p.m. ET).  Matthews will interview Sen. McCain on the key issues of the 2008 presidential election, including the economy and the Iraq war, with Villanova students also having the opportunity to question the candidate.Sen. read more

Matthews: Getting into Pennsylvania

03/11/08 08:29PM

Pennsylvania holds its presidential primary on April 22.  That’s six weeks from now.   That’s a long time to talk about something on Hardball.  I want to get beyond the polls and the short-hand of James Carville’s line that “Pennsylvania is Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and Alabama in between.” One thing I’ve started to do is get an e-mail relationship going with the local Democratic leaders around the state. read more

Better late than never: Sen. Watson responds

02/20/08 09:55PM

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews grilled Obama supporter Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Texas, on what Obama had accomplished while in the Senate. Watson was unable to respond during msnbc's post-primary coverage that night, but he posted a response on his Web site on Wednesday. "Had I not lost my mind, here are the accomplishments I would have mentioned," Watson writes in his response, and then highlights some of Obama's feats.View the original exchange from Tuesday night here: read more