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Chris creates debate

05/04/07 12:27AM

I like how Chris is encouraging people who may disagree with an answer that someone just gave to speak up.  It is a good way to realize that there are differences between these guys.And I like the way he is trying to get them to actually answer questions they want to dodge. A gentler version of Hardball. Because he knows that if they really want to dodge a question, that is something the viewers should see. read more

Romney keeps flopping

05/04/07 12:26AM

(By msnbc's Tucker Carlson)Last year, Mitt Romney bragged about the mandatory health insurance bill he helped write in Massachusetts. Over the past several months, conservatives have criticized that legislation, so Romney has downplayed his role in it, telling one audience that the liberal Massachusetts legislature made changes to the law he didn’t agree with. Called on his flip-flop tonight, Romney flipped again. “I love it,” he said when asked about the health insurance bill. Romney is nothing if not flexible read more

Spotlight on John Chambers

05/04/07 12:24AM

Well John Chambers, Chairman of CISCO will get lots of attention tomorrow.  He is also one of the most aggressive CEO lobbyists on behalf of favorable tech policies. read more

Come on, Thompson

05/04/07 12:23AM

(By msnbc's Tucker Carlson)Tommy Thompson just declared that “several thousand" soldiers have been injured in Iraq so far. Try more than 24,000. Come on. That's pathetic. read more

Not ready for prime time

05/04/07 12:20AM

(From NBC's Chuck Todd)Four guys seemed ready for this debate, the other six were, well, not ready for prime time. The "ready" candidates on this stage tonight: McCain, Hunter, Romney and Huckabee. The other six... shaky at best. read more

Big story of the night

05/04/07 12:14AM

(From NBC's Chuck Todd)Big story of the night: Giuliani's tentative performance. This is almost a carbon copy of last week. The hot buzz candidate (Obama vs. Rudy) is struggling in their debut while the old reliables (Clinton vs. McCain) showed experience in this format matters. read more

Where's Rudy?

05/04/07 12:09AM

Is Guliani even in this deabte?  This "I was a Governor and therefore  I....." is very interesting.  Lots of credential flashing tonight.   That didn't happen much in the Democratic debate.  Here it has put Romney and Gilmore out front with more confidence.McCain is keeping up.  But Where is Rudy?? read more

Would the day Roe v. Wade is repealed be a good day for America?

05/04/07 12:06AM

(By msnbc's Tucker Carlson)Would the day Roe v. Wade is repealed be a good day for America? It’s a simple enough question, and all the candidates responded to it simply. Nine of them agreed it would be a good day. Giuliani’s response: “It’d be OK.”So the repeal of the single most controversial Supreme Court decision of the last 30 years is no big deal one way or another? read more

No breakthrough moments for Giuliani

05/03/07 11:54PM

(By msnbc's Joe Scarborough)Each presidential debate has its defining moments. So many Republicans are breaking through and speaking to their specific audiences. Tommy Thompson, Mike Huckabee, Jim Gilmore and Sam Brownback are having good moments. Mitt Romney looks like he owns the stage. But Rudy is having none of those breakthrough answers. Why? Who knows. But that leadership style we saw on the streets of New York after 9/11 is not translating on stage at the Reagan library. read more

McCain lookr most prepared

05/03/07 11:53PM

(From NBC's Chuck Todd)McCain looks to be the most prepared tonight... His answers are crisp and ready for air. It's the difference between doing this before and doing this for the first time. Ask Barack Obama, John Edwards and Hillary Clinton from last week. Obama wasn't ready for the format, Edwards and Clinton were. read more

Rudy's sole goal

05/03/07 11:46PM

(From NBC's Chuck Todd)Rudy's sole goal tonight: prove electability. Analyze every answer he's given and it's all been framed thru the prism of "electability." read more