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Hardball award to Iranian protestors

06/19/09 07:15PM

by Chris MatthewsAs people who watch Hardball - and you are the good people - know, I have extended a serious tribute over time to men and women who have had the moxie to stand up for their rights.  How can I give that coveted Hardball Award to anyone on this planet this week but the people in the streets of Tehran, the hundreds of thousands who have stood out there and demanded that their votes are counted and counted fully. read more

Sen. John Kerry: 'This is an Iranian movement'

06/18/09 09:07PM

Following is a rush transcript of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on tonight's "Hardball with Chris Matthews." Sen. Kerry discusses the protests in Iran and President Obama's stance on them, saying "this is an Iranian moment, not an American moment, and we need to have the discipline, the restraint, the maturity to stand back from this as the Iranians proceed." CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST:  Senator Kerry, John McCain, your colleague, has been critical of the president for not speaking out and joining the protests in the streets of Tehran.  What's your view?SEN. read more

Burris on ethics investigation

05/27/09 08:10PM

On Wednesday, Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., joined Hardball via the phone to discuss FBI wiretaps which reveal him talking with Rod Blagojevich’s brother about the possibility of throwing a fundraiser for the former Illinois governor at the same time he was lobbying for the vacant Senate seat. Watch the entire interview below: read more

Debating affirmative action

05/07/09 09:52PM

Firefighter Frank Ricci of New Haven, Connecticut qualified for a promotion after scoring high on an exam but when too few minorities qualified for promotions, the city scrapped the exam and promoted no one. Now Ricci is suing the city of New Haven and his case is pending before the Supreme Court. Ricci and his attorney Karen Torre, discussed the case on Thursday with Chris Matthews.Watch the entire video below. read more

Sparring over Obama's Notre Dame commencement

04/09/09 10:14PM

It got heated when Pat Buchanan and Lawrence O'Donnell discussed the flap over Obama's scheduled commencement address at the University of Notre Dame. what Pat had to say about this  in his column about two weeks ago. Click here to weigh in: Should Pres. Obama decline the invite? read more

Army response to Salon article on pressure not to diagnose PTSD

04/09/09 09:00PM

On Thursday's show, we discussed this Salon article that claimed that a secret recording reveals the Army may be pushing its medical staff against diagnosing post-traumatic stress disorder. Hardball invited a representative of the Army on the show to respond. We got an emailed response:The Army, dedicated to compassionate, effective mental and physicalhealth care, strives to accurately diagnose and aggressively treatSoldiers who experience post traumatic stress disorder. The Army does not pressure health care providers in their determinationof a diagnosis, nor does it condone such activity. read more

Matthews: Obama will be a president who does 'big things'

03/25/09 03:12PM

By Chris Matthews President Obama held his much anticipated press conference Tuesday and delivered his most pronounced message since taking office. He wants to be a president who does more than muddle through. He wants to be a transformative president on the model of Roosevelt and Reagan. He wants to do big things.Tuesday's press conference showed he that he's president for celebrity or popularity. He was saying "I'm not going to be Bill Clinton and do school uniforms and family home leave, I'm going to do big stuff. Dick Morris is not advising me. read more

Peace in Ireland must be preserved

03/17/09 09:22PM

Hardball's Chris Matthews used St. Patrick's Day to comment on the recent violence in Northern Ireland and how it threatens the peace kept in that part of the country for over a decade.Watch Matthews' commentary below. read more