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Matthews on being 'prisoners' to public moments

05/21/10 09:24PM

By Chris MatthewsLet me finish tonight with the power of video. The days are over, gone, kaput, when you can say something and hope people will forget about it.You say "macaca" at a picnic somewhere and you're finished politically. That tape of yours never dies. read more

Matthews drops by Leno, talks oil spill, immigration

05/21/10 12:10PM

Appearing on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," Chris Matthews addresses the Gulf oil spill, describing it as "the worst thing I've ever seen," then goes on to call out former Vice President Dick Cheney for his dealings with the oil industry. In addition, Chris talks about Arizona's tough new immigration law, Rush Limbaugh, and even mixes it up with comedian Chelsea Handler. read more

Matthews: A principled stand can be problematic

05/20/10 08:17PM

By Chris Matthewsincluding from my colleague Rachel Maddow last night - that he supports the federal power to tell business owners that if they're open for business they can't discriminate against someone because of how they were born.Now, just to be clear, candidate Paul never called for a repeal of the civil rights act, never did say categorically that he would have voted against it. But when you read his words on the subject, it is clear he is torn between his deep philosophical belief in the rights of the individual and the ideal of a non-discriminatory America. read more

Matthews honors fallen soliders amid grim milestone

05/20/10 11:11AM

By Chris MatthewsWe`re at war this evening in Afghanistan. This week, the number of Americans killed in that theater passed 1,000. The New York Times today showed the faces of those killed just during the past two years, which is half the number lost since the war began in 2001.When you look at these pages, you see the ages of these men and women. You learn how young they were when they gave up their lives for their country. You see the varied backgrounds of all the states they represent. read more

Candidate without honor

05/18/10 10:13PM

by Chris MatthewsWhenever I meet a guy my age who served in Vietnam I ask him that direct man-to-man question:  "Were you in it?"  Then, I look and often see that somber nod of the head and the sad, knowing but sure answer.  There is no more powerful question, no more important answer for those men my age. read more

Handicapping Tuesday's races

05/17/10 09:44PM

by Chris MatthewsWe've got three big ones, all of which will gauge the level of anger out there, the amount of tough, edgy abuse people are ready to lay on the political establishment. PennsylvaniaGround zero is Pennsylvania where Joe Sestak is commanding a PT boat against Senator Arlen Specter's fleet of destroyers. read more

Oil spill: When did it become OUR problem?

05/04/10 04:17AM

by Chris MatthewsComedian Robert Klein once told a joke that the woman at the restaurant, speaking to a waiter, said "I'll have my coffee now." "My coffee."  When precisely, the comedian asked, did it become her coffee? When she thought of it?  When she ordered it?  When she was ready for it?So when did this oil that's now floating in the Gulf of Mexico become "our" oil?  When did it cease to be the property of the oil company that was drilling and become the responsibility of the Coast Guard or the American people, who don't earn a red cent of it, to handle the clean up? read more

A Hardball tribute to Sen. Lindsey Graham

04/27/10 07:22PM

by Chris MatthewsSen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., carries the flag for the America envisioned by the founding fathers. Jefferson and Madison would like this senator because he honors the institutions of our Republic. He exemplifies Republican government as its meant to be: philosophical debate, good faith negotiation, and, finally, just as important: action. We debate. We find agreement. We act.I've watched Sen. Graham on any number of issues since he came to Congress. read more

Gaffes and all, Biden at Obama's side

03/24/10 09:03PM

by Chris MatthewsA serious comment on Vice President Joe Biden: Last week at the annual dinner of TV and Radio correspondents, he joked that "at least when I get caught with a foot in my mouth, it's my own foot." It was a wonderful shot at one of his critics who was discovered several years back to have purchased a somewhat unusual service from a Washington, DC sex worker.It was, of course, also an admission by the vice president of his own past embarrassments that have tended to land more in the area of simply that -- personal embarrassments. read more

Matthews travels to the Middle East with Vice President Joe Biden

03/08/10 01:17PM

Msnbc’s Chris Matthews will travel to the Middle East during the week of  March 8 to March 12. He will interview Vice President Joe Biden in Jerusalem on Tuesday, March 9, talking to him about his trip to the region, as well as the administration’s domestic agenda.  The interview will air Tuesday, March 9 and Wednesday, March 10 on Hardball with Chris Matthews.Matthews will anchor Hardball from Jerusalem on Monday, March 8 and Tuesday, March 9 and will report from the region as he travels with the Vice President throughout the week. read more

Chris Matthews to theGrio: No regrets on 'forgot Obama was black' remark

01/28/10 06:57PM

Matthews implores his critics to take another look at the footage from Wednesday night. He strongly believes that if people listen carefully to the words that he spoke that they will see he was only trying to point out that members of Congress and Americans watching the president's speech at home "saw as an individual person and as our leader" not as part of a racial or ethnic group. "I thought he led the country last night," said Matthews. He is surprised but untroubled by the commentary and conversation stirred up by his post-State of the Union remarks. read more

Matthews: Democrats need to show support for the people

01/20/10 01:39PM

by Chris MatthewsIt's very hard to say what the lessons of this election are for Democrats. Mike Barnicle said that he thought a really strong policy achieving senator, like Rep. Eddie Markey, the congressman who did so much on cap and trade and on the environment all these years, would have been a stronger candidate and would have beaten the Republican Scott Brown by 10  points. It's very hard to predict these things.I thought there was tremendous support in this state for a woman candidate to be the next senator after Hillary Clinton had a strong showing up here in the last election. read more