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Media coverage of '08 race isn't 'too early' after all

08/09/07 08:12PM

In a new segment, "Hardball" host Chris Matthews gives his take on the day's top headlines.  A Christmas primary?The South Carolina Republican Party wants to move its primary to January 19th.  In Iowa,  the state law requires its Caucuses be held at least eight days before any other voting.  And New Hampshire is compelled to set the date of its primary at least a week before any other primary.  So do the math.  If South Carolina gets what they want and forces the other states to follow, you could see the first votes cast in December, making this campaign the earliest in history.  So for all th read more

On site for the AFL-CIO forum

08/08/07 12:17AM

Over 10,000 union members came together Tuesday night when the Democratic contenders faced off at the AFL-CIO Presidential Candidates Forum, moderated by msnbc's Keith Olbermann.  A new USA Today/Gallup poll shows that Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NC) decisively leads the Democratic pack as the choice of nearly half of those polled.  With campaign dollars and the vital labor vote at stake, did Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) and John Edwards come out swinging?  Hardball's post-show has all the action live from Chicago's Soldier Field. read more

Politics of tragedy

08/02/07 11:06PM

Earlier on Wednesday – a few hours before the 35W bridge in Minnesota collapsed -- Senators Chris Dodd (D-Conn.) and Chuck Hagel R-Neb.) introduced legislation to fix America’s road, bridges, water, and transit systems.  According to the senators, the National Infrastructure Bank Act of 2007 would help revitalize America’s infrastructure.  “The 21st century holds great promise for our nation.  But you can’t journey to a brighter tomorrow by relying on yesterday’s infrastructure,” said Dodd when he announced the bill.Both senators were on Hardball Thursday in light of the recent tragedy.“Look, read more

Vide08: Another anti-Hillary video

07/26/07 05:30PM

Another anti-Clinton YouTube is making the rounds, pointing out the possible 28 years of Bush-Clinton rule - in addition to bids by Jeb, Chelsea, and then the Bush twins. “It’s time for a regime change,” the YouTube concludes. “Don’t vote Hillary.” read more

Viral video girls face off...

07/25/07 04:18AM

well, not really. ‘Obama girl,’ Amber Lee Ettinger; ‘Hot4Hill girl’ Taryn Southern; and ‘Rudy girl,’ Adelina Kristina explain their provocative YouTube campaign videos and why their favorite presidential candidates should win the election in 2008. Click here if you missed it on Hardball.And for you Hardbloggers, a special Web-extra: The viral video girls extra share a Beach Boys song with msnbc's Chris Matthews. Click here for the video.And to share YOUR hot viral campaign ads with us, click here for the Hardball ad challenge. read more

Highlights of Michael Moore on Hardball Plaza

07/24/07 02:23AM

On Monday, we played Hardball with the toughest kid on the block, Michael Moore. The Oscar-winning filmmaker Mabout the '08 presidential field and his documentary "Sicko," which highlighted criticism of American health care.On Feingold wanting to censure the presidentCHRIS MATTHEWS:  (U.S. Senator) Russ Feingold wants to censure the president, the vice president and other administration officials for the way in which they talked us into war in Iraq.  What do you make of it?  Where do you stand on that kind of thing? read more

Hardball Plaza is back in action!

07/23/07 06:28PM

Get ready for Super Tuesday.  It's  all-day coverage of the '08 issues that matter to you and your family, only on msnbc. Join NBC's Tim Russert, Andrea Mitchell, Ann Curry, Chip Reid, Natalie Morales, and msnbc's Chris Jansing, Amy Robach, Joe Scarborough, Tucker Carlson, and of course, Chris Matthews to find out who's ready to be the next president. We're putting the contenders in the hot seat, including Sen. Sam Brownback, Gov. Tommy Thompson, Gov. Bill Richardson, Sen. Chris Dodd, and Gov. Mike Huckabee. read more

Hardball's campaign ad challenge is still open!

07/20/07 08:53PM

Don't worry, it isn't too late! Make your own campaign ad about your favorite presidential candidate or the candidate you like the least.  We'll play the best videos on "Hardball."Upload your ad here. Our panel of all-star judges will select the winner in August. Click here to learn more.   read more

Hott 4 Hill

07/16/07 08:31PM

Inspired by the success of Obama Girl and Giuliani Girl, actress Taryn Southern has created her own viral political video, Hott 4 Hill: She explained her reasons for making the video on Monday's Hardball (video) and also on her blog.If you think you've got what it takes to make a better political video than Hott 4 Hill, sign up for Hardball's Campaign Ad Challenge.   read more

Can an attack video sink Giuliani's presidential plan?

07/11/07 10:17PM

The International Association of Fire Fighters released a video this afternoon charging Republican Presidential Candidate Rudy Giuliani with 9/11 leadership failures while he was mayor that they say led to the deaths of firefighters.  (Click here to go to the IAFF site and see the video). read more

What happened in the McCain campaign?

07/10/07 07:57PM

It's been an exciting Super Tuesday on msnbc. According to YOU, via an unofficial unscientific online poll, Iraq is the issue of the day. Your votes tell us Iraq will weigh most heavily in deciding your vote in the 2008 presidential election.Could John McCain, its most ardent advocate, become the war's first political casualty?Today, the former 2008 frontrunner announced the resignations of both his campaign manager and longtime chief strategist. read more

Vide08: TV ads on Iraq targeting GOP senators

07/10/07 12:29PM

As Chuck Todd reported yesterday, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee is going up today with TV ads on Iraq targeting GOP senators up for re-election in 2008, including GOP leader Mitch McConnell (in Kentucky), Norm Coleman (in Minnesota), John Sununu (in New Hampshire), and Susan Collins (in Maine). Today, the DSCC has finally confirmed these TV ads to NBC, and below is a script of one of these ads, which the Political Unit is efforting. You can also click here to view the ad. Click here to watch what was on Hardball Tuesday. read more

Matthews: Washington feels the heat

07/09/07 10:14PM

(Chris Matthews, on Monday's show)Well, it's hot in Washington today -- and it not the humidity, it's the heat.  And a lot of the heat is this war, this war the country doesn't want anymore.What we're seeing and feeling in the country's Capitol tonight is the sound and sight and temperature of the fifth summer of a war in Iraq -- a war the American people backed, according to the polls back then, as long as it wouldn't produce significant casualties. read more

Vide08: 'Americans United for Change'

07/09/07 08:45PM

It’s time now for Vide08, our daily look at the most talked-about political videos.  Take a look at this ad from the left-leaning group “Americans United for Change,” which goes after vulnerable Republican Senator Norm Coleman. read more