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Keeping America moving

03/15/11 06:00PM

Let me finish tonight with a simple proposition: Do we stop building this country; go into a fetal position because of all that's going on? Or do we, damn it, keep on building the way that's made this country great, the country everybody in the world seems to want to get into, even if they have to climb a fence, swim a river or sneak in some other way?I say we keep on building. read more

Truth or propaganda? Judging terror hearing's byproduct

03/10/11 05:11PM

Let me finish tonight with the cold fact that a third of Republicans say the President is a Muslim. The campaign against his birth and faith has succeeded to the point where only a third of the people in the country view him as a Christian with  a much higher number saying they now don't know what he is. It's against that backdrop that the Homeland Security Committee held its hearing today on the radicalization of the American Muslim community, the backdrop being the belief by a substantial number of Republicans that our president is a member of that community.Are we getting truth from this na read more

Gingrich, Huckabee a 'duet of disharmony'

03/09/11 05:10PM

Let me finish tonight with this horrible, ongoing, relentless nastiness we're getting from the Huckabee and Newt Gingrich.Newt started this Kenya talk, this Mau Mau-ing of the President, this insidious charge that he's not an American, not one of us but the product of the 1950s bush war against the British, he's an African killer of white people, ambushing them in their homes and offices without mercy and sympathy.This is what Newt calls the "predictive model" of Barack Obama's conduct.  If you want to know what he will do on any given issue, think "Mau Mau," think killer of white people, thin read more

Huckabee's dangerous talk

03/03/11 11:47AM

Let me finish tonight with this potentially dangerous talk in American politics. It comes, I suppose, from a mix of belief and politics.  Consider, seriously, what Mike Huckabee, has been saying. read more

GOP senators attacked by 'Body Snatchers'

03/01/11 07:27PM

Let me finish tonight with a Grade B horror story.  If we still had drive-in movies, this one would headlining the midnight spook show. It's called "Return of the Body Snatchers."It's the story of how regular, somewhat intelligent people are being transformed into zombies right on the floor of the U.S. read more

Kirk Douglas: More than just an older guy at the Oscars

02/28/11 06:21PM

Let me finish tonight with an important figure at last night's Academy Awards.Kirk Douglas gave the award last night for supporting actress.  At 94, it was unusual for a fellow his age to be out there on stage on what is always a youth-dominated Oscar night, especially this year when ABC made such an obvious effort with Anne Hathaway and James Franco to get the targeted demographic to watch.So let me tell you about this fellow Kirk Douglas: First of all, he's always been a politically involved middle-of-the-road Democrat.  I remember him up there with Lyndon Johnson and Danny Thomas at the 196 read more

Psy-ops: 'Manchurian Candidate'?

02/24/11 07:07PM

Let me finish tonight with this story of stealth and intrigue uncovered by Rolling Stone. I don't know about you, but it makes me think of the "Manchurian Candidate,"  that great movie about an American serviceman captured and brainwashed by the North Koreans, then returned to the United States as an assassin.That's the movie.  In this real-life story, it's the American military that's brain washing our own.  The people in uniform are supposed to be taking their orders from the civilians. read more

Where are the right's leaders? Behind the mic

02/23/11 05:12PM

Let me finish tonight with a stunning development on the right.If you haven't noticed, the real power vortexes on the right are not the elected public officials or even candidates.  People who have to win majorities are no longer the leaders.  The leaders are the people behind the mike, the people in the radio booths, the people who have to connect with a fringe as long as it is an excitable fringe.Here's what I'm talking about.  Here's U.S. read more

Rules for America: How to deal with overseas revolutions

02/22/11 06:49PM

Let me finish tonight with handy American rules for dealing with overseas revolutions.One, always be on the side with nationalism.   Always, always back the people fighting against oppression by another country.                        In 1954, we got on the wrong side of nationalism in the Vietnam war.   We had backed the French when they fought Ho Chi Minh to maintain their rule there in the early 1950s - and took up the fight against Ho when the fight shifted to the south.   However, in 1957, Senator Jack Kennedy spoke out on behalf of the Algerians fighting the French.  It was a daring move read more

'President of the World': Why Clinton is unmatched

02/18/11 05:19PM

Let me finish tonight with this big documentary coming Monday night. Normally on Hardball we look at the passing news and try and make a judgment. We get people on to talk about what just happened that day and get to what the fight's all about. Often as not, you can figure out where I'm coming from. Sometimes I'm trying to get more information like you are before bottom-lining the issue.On Monday night we'll move beyond the daily or weekly or even current news to what I'm convinced is a really big *news* story that just about everyone seems to have missed. read more

Tea Partiers, Dems broke pork bellies

02/17/11 04:46PM

Let me finish tonight with some good news. What makes politics fascinating - and what makes government work - is the unexpected common ground - when two different points of view merge.Like when the Tea Party folks get together with the liberals.I was going over the roll call of late yesterday's vote on those fighter engines the ones that are made in John Boehner's congressional district, the Pentagon says it doesn't need. Fascinating. read more