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Where this American war with Iraq started

08/31/10 08:34PM

The people who had their hearts set on this war didn't really care what arguments would get us into it. They just wanted in. They tried connecting it to 9/11. Again and again, they tried that, failing each time. They tried connecting it to the anthrax that was mailed to Tom Brokaw and Tom Daschle. They tried connecting it the African country of Niger where they said Saddam had tried to buy uranium. The president told that to us in a State of the Union, he and vice president Cheney deliberately overruling evidence to the contrary. read more

On Beck's rally: 'Let us judge not'

08/30/10 08:08PM

I was out of town or I would have been down there talking to people. That's what I did during the Million Man march back in1995 and was glad I did. It's one thing to listen to the guy on the stage talking through an amplifier. It's another to listen quietly to the people standing in the grass. You get a lot of different, more personal attitudes.I saw the people coming across Memorial Bridge Saturday morning. They were regular people - like people I grew up with - middle-middle. Maybe a little more conservative - some wore giant flags on their chests - but real people, regular Americans. read more

Majesty of King's 'Dream' meets Beck's 'nightmare'

08/27/10 05:37PM

Let me finish with those few lines from the Martin Luther King, Jr. speech of 1963. “But not only that: Let freedom ring from Stone Mountain of Georgia. Let freedom ring from Lookout Mountain of Tennessee.” Dr. King was talking about the founding place of the KKK, Stone Mountain, the site of the Scottsboro Boys trial, Lookout Mountain. This was 1963, never forget. The civil rights bill was a year away. read more

Matthews: 'Here's to Ken Mehlman'

08/26/10 05:46PM

Let me finish tonight with the story of Ken Mehlman. Ken was campaign manager for President George W. Bush's re-election campaign of 2004. He was also chairman of the Republican National Committee. What brings him back into the news is his public acknowledgement that he's gay. He said he plans to be an advocate for gay rights within the Republican party. read more

Bloomberg has 'stood above' noise of mosque debate

08/25/10 05:07PM

Let me finish tonight with a tribute to a leader. Whatever your position on the proposed Islamic center in southern Manhattan, this is one person who has stood up, stood out and done the fine thing, the historic thing. Again, there are people of goodwill on both sides of this debate, good people with different views. There are also, to be truly candid, some real troublemakers, people who love this topic and this fight "precisely" because it has drawn heat. read more

Time and a place

08/16/10 05:15PM

Michael Smerconish writes: Permit me a final word about that mosque. If you havent already, I recommend that you take the time to read the president's actual remarks from Friday. My hunch is that you will be hard-pressed to disagree with anything he actually said. read more

Opening hearts and minds to same-sex marriage

08/06/10 05:36PM

Let me finish tonight with that ruling in California this week on same-sex marriage. I am reasonably confident that years from now this ruling will be viewed as anything but exceptional. I say that because young people, meaning young adults, don't see it really as an issue. Judge Vaughn Walker has ruled this is a matter of liberty as guaranteed by the American constitution. The 14th Amendment says that a U.S. citizen cannot be denied “life, liberty or property" without due process of law, that citizens are entitled to "equal protection of the laws." read more

Do 'we' really want to alter 14th Amendment?

08/05/10 05:35PM

Let me finish tonight with the 14th Amendment to the constitution. "All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside." Some senators now say they don't like this provision. They don't like all the Hispanics who have come here illegally and have had children here. They want this provision of the 14th Amendment changed. Is this want "we" want to do: say that the children of immigrants, no matter how they got here, are not Americans? read more

A stunning new poll

08/04/10 04:33PM

A stunning new poll shows that only a minority of Americans – 42 percent – believes the President of the United States was born in this country and is therefore eligible for the office. The new CNN survey, released today, found just 23 percent of Republicans believe that Obama is a native-born American. This means that most Americans and three-quarters of Republicans harbor either the belief, or the suspicion, that the president is an illegal alien – that he was not born here, never went through an naturalization process, and therefore is a potential subject for deportation. read more

The two biggest threats that stalk our country

08/02/10 04:42PM

One is deflation – the prospect that we will be producing goods and services that do not get the prices that they cost to produce. Scary to imagine, but we've been there before, during the Great Depression when farmers couldn't get enough to meet the costs of farming their produce when they brought those goods to market. read more

The real reason Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign

07/29/10 05:25PM

Let me finish with a very short, sharp statement of why Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign from the Department of Agriculture. She's right and President Obama is wrong. The villain was not some amorphous entity known as "the media." That's like that old cliché you used to used to hear after every national tragedy. "We're all guilty." No we're not. Certain people did certain things. If they hadn't done those things, this episode would not have occurred, the attack on Shirley Sherrod that led to her forced resignation. read more

Ariz. ruling a 'killer' for Dems, huge windfall for right

07/28/10 05:24PM

Let me finish tonight with this federal injunction against the new Arizona immigration law. First of all, it is a "killer" issue politically for the Democrats this fall and a huge windfall for the right. It will anger even those people who believe the Arizona law went too far. It will dramatize the main case raised by the Tea Party people: that the federal government in Washington has become too powerful, that the rights of the states have been terribly abridged. That is the political consequence and it will be felt mightily this November. read more

A former Congresswoman who made a difference

07/27/10 04:56PM

Marjorie Margolies-Mezvinsky was the key vote in 1993 for the Clinton economic plan, which set about creating the economic wonder of the 1990s – a wonder that created millions upon millions of jobs and more than balanced the federal budget. It gave this country a surplus and set us on course towards actually shrinking the national debt. read more