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Matthews: Democrats need to show support for the people

01/20/10 01:39PM

by Chris MatthewsIt's very hard to say what the lessons of this election are for Democrats. Mike Barnicle said that he thought a really strong policy achieving senator, like Rep. Eddie Markey, the congressman who did so much on cap and trade and on the environment all these years, would have been a stronger candidate and would have beaten the Republican Scott Brown by 10  points. It's very hard to predict these things.I thought there was tremendous support in this state for a woman candidate to be the next senator after Hillary Clinton had a strong showing up here in the last election. read more

Matthews on America's ability to act quickly when helping countries in need

01/15/10 07:24PM

by Chris MatthewsThe pictures are just plain terrible. Nothing good to see or to say. I've never seen the media show pictures of so many bodies but I guess that's the story that needs covering. But as we watch these pictures from Haiti, in the newspapers or right here as we are now on television, something is happening here in America.One of the good things about this country is its ability to act quickly. read more

Congress can make America better

12/22/09 08:04PM

by Chris MatthewsIn 1980, Ronald Reagan was elected president. He promised big change and he came into office ready to make change. The Democrats, who lost the election, opposed him in Congress but they didn't obstruct him. They didn't threaten to keep the Senate right up 'til Christmas Eve. The Speaker of the House, Thomas P. "Tip" O'Neill, who I was working for, believed the voters had made their decision and figured the man they elected had a right to his turn at bat.In 2008, Barack Obama ran for president promising big change. He told the voters he would be a "transformative" president. read more

Commemorating Germany's freedom

11/09/09 07:17PM

by Chris MatthewsTwenty years ago I stood in the rain on the East Berlin side of the great Brandenburg Gate, the grim symbol of division between East and West during the Cold War. It was a rainy night and it was cold. But people were standing around, just waiting. Word had got out that "the authorities" might be opening the great Gate that the "Vopos," those notorious East German police, were still guarding. Change was in the air. As I interviewed one East German after another I kept asking them what "freedom" meant to them. "Was its Freiheit?" I kept asking in my limited German. read more

In memoriam: Jody Powell

09/15/09 07:58PM

by Chris MatthewsThe death of former White House press secretary Jody Powell yesterday reminds me of the last night of the 1980 election. I remember Jody, who had been President Carter's loyal press secretary and confidant all those years, telling the President late that night that we weren't going to over night anywhere that night. read more

Chris Matthews on The Colbert Report

08/21/09 07:59PM

Watch Chris Matthew's appearance on The Colbert Report.Matthews talks about the upcoming Hardball documentary on the Kennedy brothers. He explains why he's critical of the town hall protesters, and admits he likes to eat potatoes. read more

Hardball examines the Kennedy legacy in a new documentary

08/17/09 01:43PM

msnbc will premiere its latest documentary, The Kennedy Brothers: A Hardball Documentary, reported by Hardball’s Chris Matthews, on Thursday, August 27th, at 7 P.M. ET.  Before John F. Kennedy entered the political scene, no politician had ever seemed so comfortable—so himself—in front of television cameras. While politicians of the past were forever frozen in black and white photos, the Kennedy brothers were a crisp color image. read more

Hardball award to Iranian protestors

06/19/09 07:15PM

by Chris MatthewsAs people who watch Hardball - and you are the good people - know, I have extended a serious tribute over time to men and women who have had the moxie to stand up for their rights.  How can I give that coveted Hardball Award to anyone on this planet this week but the people in the streets of Tehran, the hundreds of thousands who have stood out there and demanded that their votes are counted and counted fully. read more

Sen. John Kerry: 'This is an Iranian movement'

06/18/09 09:07PM

Following is a rush transcript of Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.) on tonight's "Hardball with Chris Matthews." Sen. Kerry discusses the protests in Iran and President Obama's stance on them, saying "this is an Iranian moment, not an American moment, and we need to have the discipline, the restraint, the maturity to stand back from this as the Iranians proceed." CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST:  Senator Kerry, John McCain, your colleague, has been critical of the president for not speaking out and joining the protests in the streets of Tehran.  What's your view?SEN. read more

Burris on ethics investigation

05/27/09 08:10PM

On Wednesday, Sen. Roland Burris, D-Ill., joined Hardball via the phone to discuss FBI wiretaps which reveal him talking with Rod Blagojevich’s brother about the possibility of throwing a fundraiser for the former Illinois governor at the same time he was lobbying for the vacant Senate seat. Watch the entire interview below: read more