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A textbook case

05/27/08 06:35PM

I was struck by what Joshua Micah Marshall has just written in a post called "The Long View" on his Talking Points Memo blog.  "Those of us who look at politics from moment to moment tend to look at gaffes, campaign strategies, the foibles of this or that politician. But it's always important to step back from the particulars to see the broad sweep of political and social change. It's almost always dominated by long term trends -- demographic, ideological, economic. read more

Matthews: Buzzed out

05/19/08 07:51PM

I argue politics for a living. In the years after 9/11 there emerged a vulnerability in this country, exploited by some, to any criticism of government policy. Dissent made people nervous, even suspicious.  This jumpiness inspired a mob-like attack on anyone who said anything that contains even a jolt of novelty, a spark of evidence that a mind somewhere might be getting out of line. read more

'What did Neville Chamberlin do?'

05/16/08 09:05PM

On Thursday's Hardball, Chris Matthews had a discussion about President Bush all but accusing Sen. Barack Obama of appeasement for wanting to talk to enemies of the United States. Conservative radio talk show host Kevin James and Chris Matthews then had a disagreement about what constituted appeasement. Chris Matthews had the following to say on Friday:"Look, I'm a student of history, especially of the late 1930s when the world didn't stand up to Hitler and my hero Winston Churchill saw all the hell coming and couldn't stop it. read more

Matthews recalls fond memories of Israel

05/08/08 09:02PM

Chris Matthews fondly looks back on his first trip to Israel while remembering the founding of the state of Israel nearly 60 years ago. "The first time I visited that incredible country was in 1971, when it was still in the afterglow of its wondrous victory against all sides in the Six Day War. I remember sitting in a restaurant. It was really more of a bar as an older fellow, who'd had a few, loudly proclaimed his pride in a group of soldiers who'd just entered the room. read more

Matthews rants about Limbaugh's 'Operation Chaos'

05/08/08 04:14PM

On Tuesday's post-Indiana and North Carolina primary coverage, Chris Matthews ranted about talk show host Rush Limbaugh's plea to conservatives and Republicans to vote for Sen. Hillary Clinton in an attempt to prolong the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination between her and Sen. Barack Obama.  Here's what Chris had to say:"I have to offer a Keith-style special comment on that. Anyone who voted to screw up the political system of this country with the purpose of mischief should carry that with them the rest their lives. read more

Hardball College Tour: Sen. John McCain

04/15/08 08:58PM

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., appeared on Tuesday's Hardball College Tour from Villanova University.Below are highlights from the broadcast:Were you there? Share your photos, videos, and stories about being on the tour.   read more

Chris Matthews for senator?

04/15/08 12:41PM

Did you miss Chris Matthews' guest appearance on Comedy Central's "Colbert Report" last night?Colbert grilled Matthews on whether or not he hopes to run for senator in 2010. For his part, Matthews only said, "Some people growing up, some kids want to be a fireman. I want to be a senator."Check out the clip below: read more

Hardball College Tour: Sen. Barack Obama

04/02/08 09:02PM

Sen. Barack Obama kicked off the Hardball College Tour Wednesday in West Chester University in Pennsylvania.Below are some highlights from the broadcast:Were you there? Share your photos, videos, and stories about being on the tour.  read more

Obama gets personal

Obama gets personal

04/01/08 08:00PM

Sen. Barack Obama answers questions about his background, race, how he quit smoking, and what he learned about America through his campaign. watch