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SOTU: Democrats have nothing to lose

01/24/07 01:38AM

Democrats and President Bush abandon the Republican Radicals - Can Triangulation be a good thing?Democrats want to show this country they can lead and Chris Matthews just hit the nail right on the head.  There ARE issues on which Democrats may agree with the president  while members of his own party will remain staunchly opposed to action.  Democrats should go for it.  On Immigration, on Healthcare, on Education and on Energy.   Democrats have nothing to lose by trying to find common ground while keeping firm to their core values.  The president has no ability to really LEAD on these issues.  read more

SOTU: The White House should have punted the SOTU

01/24/07 01:36AM

By Chuck ToddNo one can say that Bush’s speech didn’t reflect the gravity of the situation the country is in re: Iraq. He was serious; he was almost smirkless; But it was simply language; he still needs to figure out some way to agree to something the Democrats want on Iraq so as to stop having the Iraq War being viewed as a “Republican War.” He still seems to be in the mode of wanting to prove (or is it plead?) that his way is still the right way in Iraq. Why he doesn’t call the Democrats’ bluff on Iraq is beyond me. read more

SOTU: Hard to argue with the message

01/24/07 01:24AM

By Tucker CarlsonIt’s repulsive to watch Democrats who hate Bush for a living beg for his autograph as he leaves the chamber. Get some self respect. If U.S. forces leave Iraq, the flawed but fundamentally pro-American government will fall, and the country—possibly the region—will explode. That was the truest, most important thing Bush said tonight. Yes, he’s a flawed messenger. But it’s hard to argue with the message. Those who say we ought to withdraw troops immediately ought to explain why they believe otherwise. read more

SOTU: Not bad for man with his back against the wall

01/24/07 01:16AM

By Joe Scarborough inside the chamberDon’t know how it looks on TV but the President looks more in control and confident in person tonight than he has in any of the State of the Unions I have seen from this great chamber. Not bad for a man with his back against the wall. Members applauding the president as he is leaving the hall agreed it was one of his best. read more

SOTU: On a serious note...

01/24/07 01:14AM

By Chuck ToddBush is giving one of his better speeches; Very few smirks; he’s forceful; on the body language front: it’s one of his better performances.     read more

SOTU: NBA break

01/24/07 01:13AM

By Chuck ToddSince the POTUS decided to insert an NBA break into his speech, I figured I’d update folks on what many of us Wizards fans thought would be a great game to attend. Bush’s SOTU in DC was up against the Wizards-Suns game. Well, the Suns whooped the Wizards, 127-105.  Speaking of the NBA and Mutumbo, the Wizards could really use a shot blocker of Dikembe’s caliber. read more

SOTU: McCain -- Lack of self-control? An expression of contempt? Embarrassing in any case.

01/24/07 01:10AM

By Tucker Carlson“We advance our own interests by helping reformers and advocates for democracy”?  That was Bush’s position on the Middle East immediately after 9-11 and, remarkably, it remains his position. He said it again tonight. But can he actually mean it? Would it really “advance our interests” to have a democratically-elected government in Saudi Arabia? In Egypt? In nuclear-armed Pakistan? In every case, democracy would all but guarantee the election of Islamic lunatics who hate us. Those countries and others (Kuwait, the UAE, Qatar) would likely become dangerous enemies overnight. read more

SOTU: Bush another casualty of war

01/24/07 12:54AM

By Mike Barnicle The weight of the war is in the president's voice tonight. He has become, over time, another casualty of the choice he made to invade Iraq. His weariness is evident. He wears the toll on his face, his graying hair evidence of the stress and strain and heartache he lives with each day when he is presented with the toll of dead and maimed. read more

SOTU: No credibility on domestic issues

01/24/07 12:51AM

First, a tip of the hat. The President’s salute to Nancy Pelosi was  clever and classy.But he just has no credibility talking about domestic problems in this  country.  The President wants a balanced budget and no tax  increases.  He says he wants to offer health insurance tax deductions  for people - though most people who need insurance don’t make enough  money to take advantage of the tax credit.  Presumably, he is doing  it this way because he thinks direct reimbursement of providing  health insurance would be too expensive. read more

SOTU: The wave

01/24/07 12:49AM

By Joe Scarborough inside the chamberI just saw the wave sweep through the United States Congress.As President Bush called for affordable health care, Democrats swept to their feet at once cheering wildly. Republicans sat frozen in their chairs, but only for a few seconds. Soon enough a GOP member figured that keeping health care costs low might not be such a bad idea. Row by row Republican congressmen and senators jumped to their feet as the wave swept from my left to right. Democrats reacted similarly when the President called for balancing the budget without raising taxes. read more

SOTU: The Kucinich connection

01/24/07 12:47AM

By Tucker CarlsonBio diesel! Bush said it. And suddenly the Kucinich connection is clear. Kucinich was the only presidential candidate in the 2004 primaries whose campaign bus was powered by bio diesel. It was an old school bus, as I remember. I saw it putt by in Manchester during the New Hampshire primary one day. Its exhaust smelled like Dunkin’ Donuts. For that reason alone, I support bio diesel. “Renewable fuels.” That’s a euphemism for ethanol, the corn-based gasoline so dear to the corporate farmers of the Midwest. read more

SOTU: Counting Claps

01/24/07 12:46AM

By Andrew Noyes, National Journal's Beltway Blogroll I won’t be one of those bloggers who counts the rounds of applause tonight... but one of the first deafening clapfests came when President Bush said Congress should help the healthcare community by protecting “good doctors from junk lawsuits by passing medical liability reform.” Immigration reform also got a lengthy hand-slapping. read more