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Hardball panel reacts to importance of Obama presidency

01/12/09 11:35PM

On Thursday, Hardball's Chris Matthews, NBC's Harold Ford, Jr., and msnbc political analyst Michelle Bernard reacted to Bill Cosby's comments on "Meet the Press" about the impact of Barack Obama becoming the first African-American president and gave their own.Below is a transcript.CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST, 'HARDBALL:' What did you think of  Bill Cosby?  He's such a deep guy. I was taken.  HAROLD FORD, JR, NBC POLITICAL ANALYST:  Look, listening to him had to move any American. I'm African-American. Knowing that I'm 38 years old, and I'm recently married.  I'm in an interracial marriage. When I hav read more

Matthews chooses not to run for Pa. Senate seat

01/08/09 05:46PM

from the Associated PressWASHINGTON - msnbc political commentator Chris Matthews has told his colleagues he won't be leaving television to run for a U.S. Senate seat from Pennsylvania.msnbc spokesman Jeremy Gaines says Matthews told the staff of his "Hardball" show Wednesday that he's not going to run for the seat against Republican Sen. read more

Examining Bush's legacy in 'The Decider: A Hardball Documentary'

12/17/08 04:12PM

In "The Decider," Chris Matthews takes an in-depth look at the eight-year Presidency of George W. Bush. The documentary, a creative collaboration between Hardball and msnbc's Long Form unit and produced by Peacock Productions, writes history's first draft of the Bush Presidency. The program will premiere in the Hardball slot at 5 and 7 p.m. on Monday, Dec. read more

Ayers calls accusations 'profoundly dishonest'

12/10/08 08:58PM

On Wednesday, former Weather Underground member William Ayers tells Hardball’s Chris Matthews that he takes responsibility for past actions and is thankful the American saw through the manipulations of the McCain/Palin and elected Barack Obama as president. Watch the interview between Matthews and Ayers below. read more

What is it about Chicago?

12/10/08 01:27PM

Chris Matthews spoke with The Chicago Tribune's Jill Zuckman and Politico's Jonathan Martin about the arrest of Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich for trying to sell Barack Obama's vacant Senate seat to the highest bidder. Watch as the panel discusses the plethora of corruption in Chicago and whether it will hurt President-elect Barack Obama. read more

Why not root for the Phillies?

10/27/08 11:56PM

by Chris MatthewsClassic. If the Yankees or the Mets had made it to the Series - or the Red Sox - it would have been a dynamite Series. Why? Because the Yankees or the Mets or the Red Sox made it. That's why. Look, in all the years the Phillies didn't make it to the play-offs, much less to the Series, I rooted for the Red Sox as my East Coast team. That emotional time right after 9/11, I yelled like mad for the Yanks against the Diamondbacks. I've even rooted for the Mets when they made it to the World Series. read more

McCain/Palin chemistry

10/23/08 12:08AM

Chuck Todd on watching the McCain/Palin interview conducted by Brian Williams I wouldn't blame Brian for wanting to say that there was a tenseness between -- first of all, between the two -- there's no chemistry between John McCain and Sarah Palin.  I felt as if we grabbed two people and said, "Here, sit next to each other.  We are going to conduct an interview." They're not comfortable with each other yet.  The other thing about is, you could tell, they know that they are losing.  There is an intensity there. They are drained. The entire campaign staff is drained. The two candidates seem guar read more

Two little nuggets from history

10/23/08 12:06AM

from Chris Matthews -When was the last time Republicans won the White House without a Bush or a Nixon on the ticket?  You will not believe this: 1928.  You have got to go back to 1928 to find a year the Republicans won the White House without a Nixon or a Bush on the ticket.  I owe James Carville for that gigantic detail.  80 years of  nothing but Bushes and Nixons in winning Republican tickets -- tonight's "Big Number."  You can take that to the bar room tonight.  -Ben Barnes, who is lieutenant governor of Texas, sent me a letter.  It was a letter sent by Barry Goldwater back in 1960, the day read more

Elections are about the providers

10/21/08 09:08PM

by Chris MatthewsI have a thought about this election, something that means a lot to me as a citizen of this country. You know what motivates most people - men, women, fathers, mothers, husbands, wives? read more

What is meant by anti-American?

10/20/08 07:38PM

by Chris MatthewsClick here to read and watch Keith Olbermann's Special Comment Monday: He lists examples of hateful, divisive politics from the right that actually do more to undermine America than the bogus accusations of anti-Americanism being leveled against Barack Obama. read more

'Liberal' is anti-American?

10/17/08 10:56PM

On tonight's show, Rep. Michele Bachmann got in a heated exchange with Chris Matthews after she associated being liberal with being anti-American. She suggests that some Congress members are anti-American. Watch the clip below, and click here for reaction from Katrina vanden Heuvel and Pat Buchanan. read more