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Smerconish: A second chance for a Vietnam vet

05/20/11 08:00PM

By Michael Smerconish, Hardball guest hostLet me finish tonight with a story about changing times.Thirty years ago, David Christian attempted to pursue a law degree after returning home from the war in Vietnam. He'd been through hell, and the last place he expected to face more of it was in academia. But the climate in the late 1960s and early 1970s was often inhospitable to those who served in that war, even the most highly decorated.Christian had first enlisted in the Army paratroopers at 17. read more

Matthews: Obama's Mideast speech took 'guts'

05/19/11 08:05PM

Let me finish tonight with President Obama's strong statement today for Mideast peace.   I know the price he will pay for this statement.  He dared to express the support of the United States for self-determination for the Palestinian Arabs.  He called for a boundary of roughly the 1967 borders, with land swaps back and forth. Obviously, I believe something more is needed, something just as profound as the borders: a national commitment by the Palestinians to brutally enforce a treaty with Israel.   This is the question right now to Fatah and Hamas both.  Unless you are willing to punish sever read more

The Newt effect

The Newt effect

05/19/11 08:00PM

GOP strategist John Feehery and Democratic strategist Steve McMahon debate whether Newt Gingrich upended the Republicans’ 2012 strategy. watch