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E.g., 9/19/2014

Is birther talk taking over the GOP?

04/18/11 05:05PM

Let me finish tonight with the defining issue on the American right.The American right is represented in politics and government today by a coalition of the Republican party and the Tea Party movement.  They work together on the general goal of opposing government spending.It's interesting where they disagree.  It is on this extraordinary discussion of whether the president somehow tricked his birth announcement, forged the newspaper accounts, got the state of Hawaii to issue a certificate of live birth and state officials to insist that he was born on the day and in the city, Honolulu, where read more

Matthews: Match politics with the government we've created

04/13/11 05:05PM

Let me finish tonight with the topic the President raised today: this question of what we expect of government, what we want it to do. He quoted Abraham Lincoln on the rule that government should do for the people only what we cannot do for ourselves.We can say we want to live like cowboys.  You know the line; keep government out of our business and out of our bedrooms.  Live and let live and don't bother me with all the government stuff, all those taxes.But look at the job we've given government to do:  we've got the largest military in the world. read more