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The power of stupidity

07/14/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with the power of stupidity.I'm not talking about ignorance. There are a lot of things I know nothing about. There are things just about anybody out there knows that I don't. Hockey is one.No. I'm talking about stupidity. It's one thing to not understand international finance, to not understand what it will mean if the United States says it can't pay its bills, if one day soon we tell the people who we owe that we can't pay. No one really knows the full reality that will come that day or the day after. Actually, it's something I'd be happy not to find out.Stupidity. read more

Coming up on Hardball…

07/14/11 03:11PM

The debt talks are heating up…along with some of the participants’ tempers! msnbc Political Analysts David Corn and Michael Steele are here tonight to run us through the latest developments as the clock ticks down. Plus, House Majority Leader Eric Cantor took on the President directly by giving a blow-by-blow account of his fiery exchange with Obama. We’ll talk about Cantor as the new face of the opposition, with Author and Political Commentator Ron Reagan and msnbc Political Analyst Alex Wagner. Next—Sen. Barbara Boxer led U.S. read more

Let Me Start...

07/14/11 08:01AM

Good morning. Here's what we're watching this morning:What happened at yesterday's debt meeting at the White House? Republicans were quick to say President Obama "walked out" while Democrats in the room say the president made an impassioned plea before ending the meeting. Regardless of which account is closer to the truth, it's safe to say that the two sides are very far apart. read more

A salute to a leader

07/13/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with a salute to a leader.It took someone to break this crazed stranglehold on America's economy, someone to say that it's time to release the hostage, time to move on.Sen. Mitch McConnell came out yesterday and did it. read more