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Matthews: Obama faces a 'critical moment of crisis'

09/22/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this: The President of the United States now faces a critical moment of crisis. Today the stock market dropped like a runaway elevator.  The head of the International Monetary Fund said the world economy is entering "a dangerous phase."  She said that nations need credible plans to get their debt under... read more

Coming up on Hardball...

09/22/11 03:33PM

Florida, Florida, Florida! No blue skies for President Obama in the sunshine state: He’s trailing Mitt Romney in a new poll. And tonight marks the sixth GOP debate and the third in just 15 days. We’ll have the latest for you with DNC Chair Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-FL) and FreedomWorks President Matt Kibbe from Orlando. Bridge over... read more

Let Me Start...

09/22/11 08:11AM

Build Baby Build!President Obama gets back on message today to push his jobs plan. He's heading to the Brent Spence Bridge in Cincinnati, which connects Ohio to Kentucky and is a major trucking route. The federal government says the bridge is "functionally obsolete" and is in need of immediate replacement. read more

Obama finds his populist voice

Obama finds his populist voice

09/21/11 08:00PM

In defending his plan to raise taxes on the wealthy, did President Barack Obama make the right career move? Mother Jones’ David Corn and Democratic strategist Mark Penn discuss. watch

An innocent executed?

An innocent executed?

09/21/11 08:00PM

Barry Scheck of the Innocence Project and syndicated columnist Cynthia Tucker discuss whether Troy Davis will receive a last minute reprieve and have his life spared. watch


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