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09/28/11 04:38PM

Twin Teases playing hard to get! Republicans are pining for the ones who just won’t commit: Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. But the questions surrounding Christie and Palin aren’t a simple case of will they-or-won’t they. How desperate does the GOP have to be to be begging new candidates to get into the field? What does that say about the... read more

GOP's extremist disposition

09/27/11 08:00PM

Governor Christie of New Jersey said something nice about gay people in a recent interview.  He said God made them the way they are so he, personally, couldn't view them as sinners.  Now that may strike you as a not unusually benign view these days, but I wonder if it isn't unusually benign for the governor's political party.If... read more

Allowing the jobless to apply

Allowing the jobless to apply

09/27/11 08:00PM

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank and The Wall Street Journal’s Steve Moore share their thoughts on President Barack Obama’s jobs proposal, which would prohibit employers from discriminating against applicants because they’re unemployed. watch

Speculation surrounds Christie

Speculation surrounds Christie

09/27/11 08:00PM

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann debate what characteristics the other 2012 GOP presidential candidates are lacking which is causing the Republican Party to court Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J. watch

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09/27/11 04:33PM

The Obama Derangement Syndrome. Is he a U.S. citizen? Is he a Muslim? The anti-Christ? We’re taking a hard look at the movements against this President and asking: is this par for the course? Is it collateral damage when one occupies the White House? Or has this President been dealt a particularly low blow? We’ll discuss with Fmr. Mayor Willie... read more

GOP remains uncertain about 2012

09/26/11 08:00PM

The Democrats have their candidate for 2012. Republicans don't. Therein lays the big difference as we move into October.Obama has the challenge of shaping his campaign for a second term. The Republicans have the problem of finding the candidate who fits the shape of their campaign of heat and hate for three years now.Obama has to decide... read more


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