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E.g., 12/20/2014

Defining the US mission in Afghanistan

08/09/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this war in Afghanistan.The President went to Dover Air Force Base today to pay his respects to the thirty American service members killed when their helicopter was shot down this weekend in Afghanistan.I think we need to ask a basic question about our mission over there.  What is it?If it's to fight the Taliban that leads to two other questions.First, why are we fighting them?  It's their country, not ours.  Why are we in their country fighting people who want to run their country?  Do we have more right to say who runs that country than people who live there?  Who read more

Coming up on Hardball...

08/09/11 03:58PM

The crux of the debate: Creating jobs versus cutting spending. In last week’s New York Times-CBS Poll, 62 percent of those polled said creating jobs should be nation’s highest priority right now. Can President Obama turn the conversation from a sole focus on debt to the greater need for job creation? That’s The Chris Matthews Job Program: focusing on job growth in the short term and debt reduction in the long term. read more

Let Me Start...

08/09/11 08:17AM

How will the markets do today? Are we in for another triple-digit plunge? The Dow has lost nearly 2,000 points in two weeks, and the global markets today suggest that the selloff will continue. So the political question is what President Obama does now. His response yesterday was calm, typical, and perhaps not at all what this crisis demands. Can he show the leadership to get out of this crisis? read more