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Matthews: 'Give 'em hell, Barry'

06/29/11 06:12PM

Let me finish tonight with the way President Obama began it."Give 'em hell, Barry." That was our cold open tonight - our "headline" in television talk - and it says it all.President Barack Obama - "Barry" when he was a kid - has sounded the trumpet.  You want to blame somebody for the failure of the economy, for the failure of government to move forward - blame the Republicans and the people they represent - the same people who got us into this hell."You stay here," he said to the Congress - log jammed by a Republican-Tea Party phalanx in the House and a 60 vote rule in the Senate, "let's get read more

Let Me Start...

06/29/11 08:19AM

Here's what's catching our eyes this morning:We start today awaiting President Obama's News Conference. He's scheduled to meet the press in the East Room of the White House at 11:15 am ET. Look for questions on same-sex marriage, the war in Afghanistan, the mission in Libya, and the stalled budget negotiations. It looks like President Obama got it right with his plan to begin withdrawing troops from Afghanistan. read more

Matthews: 'Fair is fair'

06/28/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with a simple political question.Why on God's earth should we reward the people who got us into this mess? You can't sell a house because you can't get a decent price for it. You can't buy a house because people can't believe what you're offering for it.Who created this political dung hill?  Who created this financial horror show that has older people dying over their miniature 401(k)s, young people hopelessly out of work, certainly out of good work?  It all started in a splurge of greed and deception and "grab what you can before the building falls down" that George W. read more

Let Me Start...

06/28/11 09:51AM

Here’s what we’re looking at this morning – Newly-announced 2012 candidate Michele Bachmann today doubled down on her claim that the founding fathers “worked tirelessly” to end slavery. She also left the door open to cutting the minimum wage. Republican candidates are always citing President Ronald Reagan, but do they actually support his policies? read more