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E.g., 8/21/2014

The theories surrounding Barack Obama

04/26/11 05:24PM

Let me finish tonight with the theory of the mysterious Barack Obama.  Not the American success story who went to a first-rate prep school, Columbia, Harvard Law and made head of law review, got elected to the U.S. senate and then to the presidency.  No, not that story, though it's a pretty good story of the American dream. No, let me tell you the Donald Trump script.  Here's what he said in February - two months ago - to that big big conservative convention he spoke at - where he started this tour: "Our current president came out of nowhere. Out of nowhere. In fact, I'll go a step further. read more

A question of taxes

A question of taxes

04/25/11 08:00PM

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich and Prof. Larry Sabato share their thoughts on why Congress is very opinionated against raising taxes. watch

Matthews: GOP remains divided

04/25/11 05:00PM

Let me finish tonight with that old one about "There are two kinds of people in the world: those who think there are two kinds of people and those who don't." Well, today there are two kinds of Republicans in this country.  Those who are into the "birther" thing and those who aren't.Check the polls.  Roughly half the people who identify themselves as Republicans tell pollsters they think that the President was born in some other country and somehow had his records, newspaper announcements, hospital information, family friends, the whole shebang, forged so he could run for president.So let's lo read more