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10/10/11 04:51PM

Pastor Robert Jeffress, a Rick Perry supporter, made waves this weekend when he called Mormonism—the religion of Perry’s 2012 rival Mitt Romney—a cult and when he said that Romney is not a Christian. What did he mean by “cult?” Should religion be a test on the road to the White House? Pastor Jeffress joins us tonight. Furthermore, is there a bit... read more

Let Me Start...

10/10/11 09:24AM

The Mormon Issue: How big a deal is Mitt Romney's religion? As much as Republican presidential candidates say it doesn't matter, they know it does to a lot of viewers, especially Evangelicals and southerners. Baptist preacher (and Perry supporter) Robert Jeffress called the LDS church a cult on Friday and he's on Hardball. How... read more

Finding solutions to our problems

10/07/11 08:00PM

Radical.  Normally, we don't like that word.  Normally, we like our politics somewhere near the center - somewhere between progressive and conservative.  You get beyond that and people consider you troubling, at best, dangerous, at worst.Radical positions.  Radical solutions.  Radical politics.  Normally, as I said, not the stuff most... read more

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10/07/11 05:13PM

Occupy… America? The Occupy Wall Street movement is spreading across the country. It’s a grassroots movement with no apparent leader. Will the Democratic party try to step in and ride the wave of enthusiasm? Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) and Matt Mulgrew, President of the United Federation of Teachers, join us tonight.   Then: Just another game of ... read more

Let Me Start...

10/07/11 09:31AM

The new jobless numbers are out - and while they're good enough to stave off the worst expectations, they're certainly not great. The economy added 103,000 jobs and the unemployment rate is still at 9.1% Paul Krugman compares the Occupy Wall Street movement to the Tea Party, and he says that unlike the Tea Party, the Occupy Wall Street... read more

Obama’s offering business a tax break

Obama’s offering business a tax break

10/06/11 08:00PM

Hardball’s Chris Matthews talks about the opposition by big businesses to President Barack Obama’s tax proposal saying, “History shows that despite all good sense, sometimes people let their politics get in the way of their own success.” watch


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