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07/22/11 03:57PM

Check out Hardball tonight with guest host Michael Smerconish! Here’s what we have in store… At the close of another workweek, we’re left wondering: Are we any closer to a debt deal? True to expectations, the House GOP’s “Cut, Cap and Balance,” plan was shot down in the Senate today, and Dems and Republicans are finding more headaches than common ground in the potential Obama-Boehner plan. And if the President and the Speaker can make a deal, who would be the winners? We’ll ask Sen. Ben Cardin (D-MD). And we’ll ask msnbc Political Analyst and Fmr. read more

What did Wendi Murdoch know about Pie-gate?

07/21/11 08:00PM

by Michael Smerconish, Hardball guest hostAllow me to share a lingering thought about what happened in the U.K. with the Tuesday testimony of Rupert and James Murdoch.I’m a bit of a cynic, but no a conspiracy guy. I think Oswald killed Kennedy and acted alone. I abhor those who float the notion that 9/11 was an inside job and I lamented the closing of a chapter today in our space program because I know man has walked on the moon.Having said this, I’m having doubts about the heroic efforts of Rupert Murdoch’s wife to thwart the pie thrower. Think about it. read more