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Matthews: Politics is about big ideas, reasons

07/27/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with why so many people look down on politicians.It's this.This skirmishing, this pie-eating contest, this sack-race, this absurd picnic atmosphere of one side against the other, the waste of beautiful summer afternoons with dank arguments in the basement.This isn't why I love politics - why I've loved it all my life. This is the Florida recount. This is Al Gore picking out which counties he wants recounted, thinking that's the way to win. read more

Coming up on Hardball...

07/27/11 03:43PM

The debt ceiling negotiations are looking more and more like a political game of chicken—but this endgame has huge real-world consequences. After the Congressional Budget Office made it known that Speaker Boehner’s plan won’t decrease the debt as much as he intended, the Speaker is back to the drawing board and adamantly appealing to members of his party. But members—notably of the Tea Party caucus—oppose his ideas as “too liberal!” With his back against the wall, where will Boehner turn? And how can Congress salvage this mess before the Aug. 2 deadline? read more

Matthews on the 'dull' debt debate

07/26/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this dreadful, dispiriting, debasing, dueling diatribe over the debt.Both sides now have the other pegged. It's why the Spanish don't allow the fighting bull to be fought a second time. He now knows the matador as well as the matador knows "him."  You no longer hear the "Ole's" shouted from the stands, no longer see the heads of the crowd turning to catch each charge of the bull. It's gotten - dare I say it - dull.It isn't of course. Not if you count the stakes and not if you get past the rivalry out in the arena to the world at large. read more