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Judge deals blow to Obama's immigration plan

Judge deals blow to Obama's immigration plan

02/17/15 07:40PM

A Texas judge dealt a blow to President Obama's immigration policy, temporarily blocking the government from giving some undocumented immigrants relief from deportation. Pete Williams, Maria Teresa Kumar, Jonathan Capehart and Jackie Kucinich discuss. watch

Deciphering ISIS terror tactics

Deciphering ISIS terror tactics

02/17/15 07:00PM

NBC News foreign correspondent Ayman Mohyeldin and Robert Grenier, former director of the CIA's Counterterrorism Center, discuss the horrific terror tactics employed by ISIS and the group's ideology. watch

Can John Podesta keep team Hillary intact?

Can John Podesta keep team Hillary from imploding?

02/16/15 07:36PM

Hillary Clinton is dominating the 2016 polls, but that means every meal ticket in the Democratic party is looking for a job. Can John Podesta manage the different Clinton factions? And can Hillary learn from her past campaign mistakes? Sam Stein, Ruth Mar watch

Who exactly is winning the war on ISIS?

Who exactly is winning the war on ISIS?

02/13/15 07:00PM

Chris Matthews is joined by Rear Adm. John Kirby, Richard Engel, Eugene Robinson and Howard Fineman to discuss the escalation in strength and brutality of ISIS in Iraq and elsewhere recently, and what Congress plans to do to mitigate the growing threat fr watch


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