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A birthday tribute to Nancy Reagan

07/06/11 08:00PM

Let me finish with a birthday tribute to an American who made a difference.Her name is Nancy Reagan. She was our country's First Lady during the 1980s and supported one of the major American presidents in our country's history.Now what I have to say about Reagan is not what many conservatives would say, but it is, I would argue, extremely important.He saw the opportunity to end the Cold War and took it. read more

Let Me Start...

07/06/11 09:27AM

Good morning! Here's what we're working on today: Republicans really don't care about a deal on the debt, do they? Once upon a time, House Speaker John Boehner promised adult action on the debt ceiling. But since then, the Tea Party wing of his party took him to task, and now it looks like Republicans are doing whatever they can to extort deep spending cuts from President Obama without raising a penny more of revenue. read more

Matthews: The government must pay what it owes

07/05/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with some words I have for the screaming fanatics that we hear seriously talking about the United States government refusing to pay what it owes.Deadbeats. That's the word we call them. Deadbeats. People who buy things and don't pay for them, people who make bets and don't cover them. Deadbeats.How about this?You've got people telling the American people that we don't have to be as good as our word, don't have to honor the pledge the U.S. read more

Let Me Start...

07/05/11 08:32AM

Here's what we're looking at today: What kind of party is the Republican Party? In his New York Times column, David Brooks writes that the Republican Party has been offered the deal of a century --  "trillions of dollars in spending cuts in exchange for a few hundred million dollars of revenue increases" -- but it won't take the deal because it has been overrun by fanatics who will never, ever consider anything that increases revenues. read more