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Coming up on Hardball...

09/12/11 04:17PM

Who would President Obama rather run against: Gov. Rick Perry or Fmr. Gov. Mitt Romney? The Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza will weigh in. Up next: Lessons learned—and ignored—post-9/11. War fever ran hot in 2001, but in recent years, has the Neoconservative movement cooled? Dick Cheney writes in his memoir that he was the only member of the Bush administration to push for attacking Syria in 2007, and even Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said the U.S. won’t go to war in the Middle East again. read more

Let Me Start...

09/12/11 09:29AM

It's the start of the fall campaign season. Who does the White House want to run against? Rick Perry or Mitt Romney? Perry's running strong in a new poll, but all that could change because the Republicans debate again tonight in Florida. Michele Bachmann promises to get back in the game. Bachmann is preparing to fight back at tonight's Florida debate. Her campaign says she's planning on hitting frontrunner Perry on Social Security. read more

Matthews: Where did 'America' go?

09/09/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with a phrase you don't hear these days – “war effort.”It's when a country gets together in common purpose to support a war. Not everyone is at the front - some are in support of the fighting forces - some are back home doing the work that speeds the victory. Some are Hollywood stars out selling war bonds. read more

Coming up on Hardball…

09/09/11 04:34PM

All politics is local! President Obama announced his jobs plan last night before a Joint Session of Congress, and it’s more ambitious than was expected—but now he has to sell it. Obama made thinly veiled mentions of deficient bridges, tunnels and roads in the districts of Speaker John Boehner (R-OH), Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and 2012 hopeful Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). And today he travels to House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA)’s district to point out the 94—yes, that’s 94—“structurally deficient” bridges. Will his tactic drive the point home? read more

Can the GOP become an alternative to Obama?

09/08/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with the reality of last night. I know one thing from hard experience: if the American people want change, if they're not happy with the person in the White House, they will find an alternative. We the people don't accept failure. So the question is whether the Republican Party can do its job of coming up with an acceptable alternative to the president.  Last night, they made a lot of progress toward making that decision. read more