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E.g., 10/23/2014
A win for the Tea Party?

A win for the Tea Party?

08/02/11 08:00PM

If the Tea Party Republicans can get what they want by threatening to damage the economy, what’s to stop them from doing it again? Mother Jones’ David Corn... watch

Matthews: The GOP continues to 'mug' Obama

08/02/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with this bad experience we've all been through.What we saw - what I saw at least - was one guy with a knife and the other guy trying to avoid being cut.  It was a thug attacking a victim.  It was a mugging. Now the good news - the "relief" is a better word - is that the victim got through it.  The bad news is that the mugger got what he wanted.  He got the wallet. Now I put to you the most important question of the week, of the month, of the year, of this presidency, of our time? read more

Coming up on Hardball...

08/02/11 03:14PM

Crisis averted…but at what cost? President Obama signed the debt ceiling legislation into law this afternoon, after the Senate passed the measure 74 to 26. But what have we learned? That the Tea Party can bully both houses of Congress? What’s to stop Tea Partiers from doing it again? We’ll discuss with David Corn and Ron Reagan. And as Congress heads home for August recess, we’re left wondering: How will voters greet their representatives after weeks of chaos and partisan bickering on the Hill? And what will Democrats tell constituents who think the party struck a bad deal? read more

Let Me Start...

08/02/11 08:20AM

On to the Senate: The U.S. Senate votes today at noon eastern on the deal to raise the debt ceiling and slash trillions in spending. Last night, the House of Representatives passed the measure 269-161, with one of those Aye votes coming from Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, who dramatically returned to Washington for the first time since an assassination attempt nearly took her life in January. Rep. read more

Matthews looks for options

08/01/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with what I've been looking for in the entire show: options.I want to know what steps the president "could" have taken to avoid this hostage-taking. How could he have prevented the tea party-led Republicans from dictating this entire episode, dragging the entire country into its purposes, its way of doing things?I want to know about another option. Was there an alternative to this? read more