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One-on-one with Lilly Ledbetter

One-on-one with Lilly Ledbetter

04/14/15 07:28PM

Today is Equal Pay Day, an occasion that marks how much more women have to work in a year to earn the same as men. The issue could catapult Hillary Clinton into the White House. Equal pay advocate Lilly Ledbetter joins Hardball with more. watch

Warming up to Cuba

Warming up to Cuba

04/14/15 07:15PM

Pres. Obama endorses taking Cuba off the list of state sponsors of terrorism, making a bold move toward normalizing relations with Cuba. Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH) of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Huffington Post’s Ryan Grim have more. watch

Hillary makes her first campaign stop

Hillary makes her first campaign stop

04/14/15 07:01PM

Hillary Clinton begins her listening tour in Monticello, Iowa. But when it comes to politics, can she lead from behind or does she have to get out there and lead the charge? Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus and Vox’s Jonathan Allen have more from the trail. watch

President Barack Obama leaves after speaking about clean-energy jobs, on April 3, 2015, at Hill Air Force Base, Utah. (Photo by Rick Bowmer/AP)

50 states visited...check!

04/14/15 05:27PM

President Obama has made plans to visit his 50th state as president.The White House announced this week that President Obama will travel to South Dakota -- the only state he hasn't visited as president.  He'll deliver a commencement address early next month at a community college in Watertown.President Obama vowed to hit all 50 states... read more

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton greets supporters at George Washington University in Washington on June 13, 2014.

Let Me Finish: Hillary Clinton's listening trip

04/13/15 08:10PM

Let me finish with Hillary's listening trip to Iowa and why it will do her good. The fact is, great politicians are great listeners. Or is it the other way around? People who listen to other people become popular people. They become popular because everyone likes to be heard and likes the people who truly listen to them. read more

Brian Grazer plays Hardball

Brian Grazer plays Hardball

04/13/15 07:28PM

Brian Grazer, the Hollywood producer behind movies like "Apollo 13" and "Frost Nixon," joins Chris Matthews to discuss the secret to his success: curiosity. His new book, "A Curious Mind: The Secret to a Bigger Life," sheds more light on these influences. watch

Debating the deal with Iran

Debating the deal with Iran

04/13/15 07:17PM

The Obama administration is pushing hard to keep Congress from tanking that deal with Iran. But Senator Bob Corker (R-TN), chairman of the Foreign Relations committee, wants Congress to have the final say. He joins Hardball to elaborate. watch

For Hillary Clinton, her future is now

For Hillary Clinton, her future is now

04/13/15 07:00PM

Will the people embrace Hillary Clinton or will they wait for the great battle to come, watching to see who prevails when she contests a Republican nominee in November 2016? Robert Gibbs, Eugene Robinson, and Sen. Debbie Stabenow join the discussion. watch

Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (Photo by Joshua Roberts/Reuters)

Let Me Finish: A historic moment in politics

04/10/15 08:10PM

Let me finish with this historic moment in American politics.Looking at the field of candidates right now -- and assuming no great champion is going to come in from out of nowhere -- I think Hillary Clinton has a sound 50-50 shot at being our next president. This is an extraordinary position to hold at this point. Without knowing whom the... read more

The best defense for Clinton

The best defense for Clinton

04/10/15 07:38PM

The attacks on Hillary Clinton are coming now from both the right and the left. Which ones have the most bite? The Hardball Roundtable with American Urban Radio Networks’ April Ryan, The Daily Beast’s Betsy Woodruff and Huffington Post’s Sam Stein. watch

U.S. President Barack Obama laughs as he reads the storybook "Where the Wild Things Are" during the annual Easter Egg Roll at the White House in Washington

Sideshow: Basketball, babies, bees...oh my!

04/10/15 07:23PM

Duke wasn’t the only with bragging rights when all was said and done in the NCAA men's basketball tournament. Following the Blue Devils' victory over the University of Wisconsin, Mitt Romney also attained a top ranking from his eerily accurate NCAA bracket that put him in the 0.1%. Romney had correctly chosen the Final Four teams and... read more

Here comes Hillary

Here comes Hillary

04/10/15 07:00PM

It's upon us. This Sunday, all now suspect, the former First Lady, New York senator and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will put out a video declaring her intentions. The Washington Post’s Anne Gearan, Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman, and NBC News S watch


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