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08/18/11 03:36PM

Has far-right fervor captured the establishment, and is the Tea Party the new GOP? And could Rick Perry—who plays up religion and plays down evolution—be the new face of the Republican Party? TIME Editor-at-Large Mark Halperin is here to discuss with radio talk show host Michael Smerconish. Not-so-fun in the sun: President Obama is faced with sinking approval ratings and harsh criticism for vacationing in Martha’s Vineyard. What does he need to do stay in the game? Go on offense. Rick Perlstein authored Nixonland, a book on President Obama’s reading list. read more

Let Me Start...

08/18/11 08:18AM

President Obama leaves for vacation on Martha's Vineyard today at 3:30 et. He's meeting with his economic and national security teams before he leaves. Will the Vineyard Vacation hurt the president, especially with the economy still in a rut? Seems like every August, every president faces the same question. The optics don't look great, but will anyone remember come election time?  read more