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11/18/11 05:19PM

We learned today that Newt Gingrich’s ‘think tank’ collected $37 million from major healthcare companies… and that Newt supported an individual insurance mandate before it was the centerpiece of Obamacare! Remember the Republican outcry over “death panels?” Yeah, he supported those, too. We’ve got the latest with “Meet the Press” moderator David... read more

Let Me Start...

11/18/11 09:24AM

Newt-mania! We're learning more about Newt Gingrich's consultancy business, and it's not looking good for Newt. The New York Times reports Newt consulted for hospitals on end-of-life care, and it turns out he was on the wrong end of the issue for conservatives, who derisively called it "death panels." And what about Newt... read more

Perry too lazy to fact-check his ad?

Perry too lazy to fact-check his ad?

11/17/11 07:00PM

Michael Steele, former chairman of the Republican National Committee, and Michael Feldman, a Democratic strategist, talk with Chris Matthews about the Republican furor over a quote attributed to President Obama that he didn’t actually say. watch

Penn State child sex case develops

Penn State child sex case develops

11/17/11 07:00PM

NBC's national investigative correspondent Michael Isikoff in State College, Pennsylvania, and Kathleen Kane, an attorney who has prosecuted child sex crimes, talk with Chris Matthews about the latest details in the Penn State child sex abuse case. watch

Matthews: 'No small things to consider' with foreign policy

11/16/11 08:00PM

It's one thing to be clearly ignorant of foreign policy - like when a candidate has no earthly idea of the political movement that pushed for war with Iraq. When he acts as if his knowledge of the Libya war to overthrow Gadhafi is just another note on an index card, something to be retrieved from a pile of such cards, all lodged sloppily in... read more


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