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What President Obama can learn from Gov. Christie

09/29/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with Governor Chris Christie.I wonder if the Democrats, and President Obama himself, might learn something from the current Republican fascination with Governor Christie. Look at him.  He's not a man of great accomplishment.  He's only been in office two years.  Nobody out in the country knows what he's really done in New Jersey. read more

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09/29/11 02:58PM

Americans are mad as hell…and they’re not gonna take it anymore! Is President Obama going to have to catch Chris Christie fever—that tough-talking, hardnosed, take-no-prisoners approach to politics—in order to get the public behind him? We’re taking that question to GOP Strategist Steve Schmidt and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann. Brainwashed? read more

How should Obama run for re-election?

09/28/11 08:00PM

Let me finish tonight with the big question of how President Obama should run for re-election.Should he run like Franklin Roosevelt did for his second term in 1936 - basically dividing the country between pro-New Deal and anti-New Deal? Tell the voters you've got a choice here: stick with the direction I'm taking the country in getting out of the Depression or go back to the Republicans and Big Business and the rich people who hate me.Choose! You're either with me or against me! read more

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09/28/11 04:38PM

Twin Teases playing hard to get! Republicans are pining for the ones who just won’t commit: Chris Christie and Sarah Palin. But the questions surrounding Christie and Palin aren’t a simple case of will they-or-won’t they. How desperate does the GOP have to be to be begging new candidates to get into the field? What does that say about the current lineup? read more

Speculation surrounds Christie

Speculation surrounds Christie

09/27/11 08:00PM

Republican strategist Steve Schmidt and New York Magazine’s John Heilemann debate what characteristics the other 2012 GOP presidential candidates are lacking which is causing the Republican Party to court Gov. Chris Christie, R-N.J. watch