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Coming up on Hardball...Who let the dogs out?

12/08/11 05:44PM

Who let the dogs out? Mitt! He unleashed his attack dogs today, top surrogates John Sununu and Jim Talent, to criticize Newt’s record. Plus Chris Christie is back in the spotlight on Romney’s behalf. Is Mitt getting nervous as Newt overtakes him in the polls? We’re talking to msnbc’s Steve Schmidt and the Eisenhower Institute’s Jennifer Donahue... read more

Let Me Start...

12/08/11 09:27AM

 Romney unleashes the attack dogs: Mitt's stepping up his attacks against Newt Gingrich, who's now opening huge leads in polls across the country. Romney surrogates are doing the most attacking with John Sununu and Chris Christie leading the fight. And check out Romney's new ad which hits Gingrich on personal issues, albeit subtly.  read more

Matthews on the direction of the 2012 race

12/07/11 08:00PM

I think I now see the way this election is headed.The President intends to turn the bad times against the Republicans.  He will say that Republican policies are squeezing the middle class, that the country needs to re-elect him to offset the power of Wall Street, that he's the progressive champion fighting the good fight against the money... read more

Romney accuses Obama of appeasement

Romney accuses Obama of appeasement

12/07/11 07:00PM

During an appearance before a GOP Jewish Group, Mitt Romney claimed President Barack Obama is appeasing our enemies by not standing with Israel. Republican strategist Sally Bradshaw and Mother Jones’ David Corn discuss. watch

Coming up on Hardball...

12/07/11 05:41PM

New poll numbers from TIME magazine show Newt’s surge is for real—not just in Iowa, but in Florida and South Carolina as well. Could Newt be the GOP’s nominee? And how would President Obama run against Newt? We’re asking White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, msnbc’s Howard Fineman, and TIME’s Michael Scherer. Mitt Romney’s campaign is getting... read more

Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt

Obama invokes Teddy Roosevelt

12/06/11 07:00PM

Presidential historian Doris Kearns Goodwin explains whether President Barack Obama can effectively harness the anger of the country by casting himself in the role of Theodore Roosevelt. watch


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