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Closer Look Medical Marijuana

Epileptic children may now be treated with marijuana in Illinois

07/22/14 02:38PM

Children with epilepsy can now legally be treated with medicinal marijuana oil in the state of Illinois.Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) signed the bill into law Sunday, adding seizures to the list of symptoms that may be treated using the state's medicinal marijuana program.  The bill will also allow epileptic children to qualify for treatment using marijuana extract. read more

GOP hits Obama on 'cowardly' leadership

GOP hits Obama on

07/21/14 07:35PM

It was less than 24 hours after the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 on Thursday that Republicans like John McCain started attacking President Obama's foreign policy. Jonathan Capehard and David Corn discuss. watch

Bloodshed continues in Gaza

Bloodshed continues in Gaza

07/21/14 07:15PM

The bloodshed in the middle east continued today with Israel pounding Gaza and Hamas launching a stream of rockets back into Israel. Michael Crowley and Richard Engel join Steve Kornacki to discuss. watch

Crash site becomes chaotic scene

Crash site becomes chaotic scene

07/21/14 07:00PM

A scene of horror at the Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 crash site descends into a scene of unspeakable chaos. Peter Baker and Howard Fineman join Steve Kornacki to discuss. watch

Social media and graphic images

Social media and graphic images

07/18/14 07:56PM

In the Washington Post today, Paul Farhi reflected on the use of social media in the aftermath of a tragedy like the downing of flight MH17. Fahri joins Steve Kornacki to discuss. watch

Plane crash hurts fight against AIDS

Plane crash hurts fight against AIDS

07/18/14 07:48PM

Of the 298 victims on board flight MH17, many were scientists, researchers and activists headed to the "20th International AIDS Conference" in Melbourne, Australia. Kent Sepkowitz joins Steve Korniacki to discuss. watch

Politics in a time of tragedy

Politics in a time of tragedy

07/18/14 07:38PM

Some Republican war hawks are using the tragedy of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 to attack President Obama and call for an escalation in American forces overseas. Steve Kornacki discusses with David Corn. watch

A homeless man carries his belongings in downtown Los Angeles, California, on January 8, 2014.

Criminalization of homelessness on the rise in U.S. cities

07/18/14 01:39PM

The criminalization of homelessness has been on the rise since early 2009 in a number of cities across the country.  A recent study by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty examines the state of citywide bans targeting the homeless population in 187 cities across the country. read more

This 29 February, 2000, photo shows the "death cha

The case against California's death penalty

07/18/14 01:38PM

U.S. District Judge Cormac J. Carney ruled that the state's capital punishment system was in violation of the Constitution's eighth amendment, saying it is "so plagued by inordinate and unpredictable delay that the death sentence is actually carried out against only a trivial few of those sentenced to death." read more