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E.g., 9/16/2014
Can Democrats turn Georgia blue in 2014?

Can Democrats turn Georgia blue in 2014?

07/23/14 07:16PM

Demographic changes in Georgia have made the state the Democrats’ best hope for a Senate pick-up this midterm. Republican strategist John Feehery and The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson discuss with Chris Matthews. watch

Republicans rooting for Obama’s failure?

Republicans rooting for Obama’s failure?

07/23/14 07:00PM

Whether it’s Obamacare, immigration reform, or background checks for guns, Republicans seem to be blocking all of President Obama’s efforts. The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky and Mother Jones’ David Corn join to discuss. watch

Image: Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz turns “True Blood” episode into political statement

07/23/14 01:32PM

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) seized the opportunity to take a jab at the left while addressing his mention on HBO’s “True Blood”.The episode featured a scene in which the vampires attended a Ted Cruz fundraiser at the George W. Bush Presidential Library....which ended in a bloodbath for the Texas Republicans. read more

Perry orders national guard to border

Perry orders national guard to border

07/22/14 07:33PM

Lloyd Doggett and Wayne Slater join Chris Matthews to discuss Rick Perry's announcement that he's ordered a thousand national guard troops to the border with Mexico, in an operation that will cost 12 million dollars a month. watch

Buzz Aldrin on the moon. (Photo credit: HO/AFP/Getty Images)

"One small step for man"... 45 years later

07/22/14 02:40PM

President Obama celebrated the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11’s successful moon landing mission with members of the historical crew. Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins and Neil Armstrong’s widow, Carol Armstrong, met briefly with the President in the Oval Office Tuesday morning. read more

Closer Look Medical Marijuana

Epileptic children may now be treated with marijuana in Illinois

07/22/14 02:38PM

Children with epilepsy can now legally be treated with medicinal marijuana oil in the state of Illinois.Governor Pat Quinn (D-IL) signed the bill into law Sunday, adding seizures to the list of symptoms that may be treated using the state's medicinal marijuana program.  The bill will also allow epileptic children to qualify for treatment using marijuana extract. read more

GOP hits Obama on 'cowardly' leadership

GOP hits Obama on

07/21/14 07:35PM

It was less than 24 hours after the crash of Malaysian Airlines flight 17 on Thursday that Republicans like John McCain started attacking President Obama's foreign policy. Jonathan Capehard and David Corn discuss. watch