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Inside Joan Rivers 'showbiz' funeral

Inside Joan Rivers 'showbiz' funeral

09/08/14 07:51PM

With several thousand onlookers lining the streets, the funeral for Joan Rivers took place at a temple on the Upper East Side of Manhattan yesterday. Deborah Norville joins Chris Matthews to discuss. watch

Sen. Pat Roberts, left, R-Dodge City, and Greg Orman, Independent for U.S. Senate, speak at the conclusion of their Senatorial Debate at the Kansas State Fair on Saturday, Sept. 6, 2014, in Hutchinson, Kan.

Kansas U.S. Senate candidates square off

09/07/14 02:50PM

There was a political heatwave blanketing a full-capacity arena at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson Saturday afternoon as three-term incumbent Republican Senator Pat Roberts sparred with his U.S. Senate challenger, Independent Greg Orman. read more

Kansas State Fair Gubernatorial Debate

Fireworks at Kansas Gubernatorial Debate

09/07/14 02:23PM

Kansans are energized about politics this year and it was evident on Saturday at the State Fair in Hutchinson.  You would have thought two rock stars were appearing in concert from the energy of the live audience who showed up to watch Governor Sam Brownback and his rival, Democrat Paul Davis joust in their hour long debate. read more

New developments in the GW bridge scandal

New developments in the GW bridge scandal

09/05/14 07:36PM

One year after the lanes were shut down on the George Washington Bridge, Steve Kornacki and New Jersey Assemblyman John Wisniewski join Chris Matthews for a progress report on what’s going on with the investigations and what the future holds for Gov. Chri watch

Lawyers upset about Dick Cheney appearance

Lawyers upset about Dick Cheney appearance

09/05/14 07:29PM

Some lawyers are upset after the Wyoming State Bar scheduled Dick Cheney to be their convention’s keynote speaker and ran an unedited bio that criticized Pres. Obama. Chis Matthews explains this and more in Hardball’s Sideshow. watch

The time table is set for Hillary Clinton...

The time table is set for Hillary Clinton and 2016

09/05/14 07:17PM

NBC’s Perry Bacon Jr. and Bloomberg’s Jeanne Cummings join Chris Matthews to discuss the advantages for Hillary Clinton to declare an early presidential run and how the timing of her decision will affect other potential Democratic candidates. watch

Pressure builds for a coalition against ISIS

Pressure builds for a coalition against ISIS

09/05/14 07:00PM

President Obama said he was working on building a broad coalition to go after ISIS, and he ruled out U.S. boots on the ground in Syria. NBC’s Chuck Todd and the Center for American Progress’ Brian Katulis discuss the situation with Chris Matthews. watch

George H. Bush, Geraldine Ferraro

Déjà vu: N.C. debate reminiscent of Bush and Ferraro

09/05/14 11:56AM

For some, Wednesday night's North Carolina Senate debate between Sen. Hagan and her Republican opponent, State House Speaker Thom Tillis, felt like deja vu. It was 1984 all over again for the late Ferraro's daughter, Donna Zaccaro, who said Tillis’ treatment of Hagan was "sadly very reminiscent of the sexist attacks used against my mother when she ran for Vice President 30 years ago." read more