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E.g., 11/25/2014
Is Sam Harris right about Islam?

Is Sam Harris right about Islam?

10/06/14 07:35PM

Hardball Roundtable, Eugene Robinson, Susan Page and Howard Fineman, join Chris Matthews to discuss whether Sam Harris is right that Islam is the “motherload of bad ideas.” Also, why isn’t President Obama touting US economic progress. watch

NBC Ebola patient back in US

NBC Ebola patient back in US

10/06/14 07:00PM

A freelance cameraman working for NBC in Liberia who contracted Ebola is now back in the United States. He landed this morning in Omaha, where he'll undergo treatment. Lena Sun and Dr. Tom Geisbert join Chris Matthews to discuss. watch

Udall and Gardner lay out differences in round two

10/06/14 04:53PM

Democratic U.S. Senator Mark Udall and his Republican opponent, Rep. Cory Gardner, square off in their second debate, offering sharp differences over the issues of health care, climate change, and immigration.   Gardner, like other Republican challengers this cycle, attacked Udall for voting too often with the President and his policies, which Gardner says are on the ballot this year. read more

The Koch brothers, Charles (left) and David (right) of Koch Industries

Can Democrats make "Koch" happen?

10/05/14 09:15PM

Democrats have been making the case loud and clear that if Republicans are elected this November, they will be indebted to Washington special interests.  More specifically, they will owe the conservative Koch brothers, Charles and David, who are spending millions of their dollars helping GOP candidates this year. read more