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Backlash over the Confederate flag backlash

Backlash over the Confederate flag backlash

06/24/15 07:00PM

Only days after South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley asked for the Confederate flag to be taken down from the state house, Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley used executive action to take down flags at his capitol. David Corn and Jonathan Capehart discuss. watch

Eleanor Roosevelt

Why Eleanor Roosevelt should be on U.S. currency

06/23/15 08:10PM

Let me finish with a recommendation for the first woman to appear on U.S. currency...Eleanor Roosevelt. To the generations of Americans who lived through the Great Depression, to the millions of those her husband called "The Forgotten Men," the name personifies the faith Americans would have restored in their government, in their... read more

Nationwide movement to remove Confederate...

Nationwide movement to remove Confederate flag

06/23/15 07:00PM

2016 GOP candidates are doing back flips over the Confederate flag controversy. Why is the political cotillion that fashions itself as "The Party of Lincoln" having a problem letting go of the battle flag of Jefferson Davis? Eugene Robinson and Michael... watch

Is America finally ready to talk gun...

Is America finally ready to talk gun violence?

06/19/15 07:40PM

In his remarks after the murder of nine people at a church in Charleston, President Obama showed his growing frustration over Washington's inability to pass gun safety. Is President Obama right to call for action for Congress after tragedy? watch


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