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Let Me Finish: The "Grandmother" Strategy

02/04/15 09:28PM

Let me finish with Secretary Clinton's role in life. Many people pull back from the title of "grandparent." Hillary Clinton is a "grandmother" and has no problem with the name, and I presume the idea. It's where she is in life and wants the world to know there are certain strengths, and a serious amount of wisdom... read more

Chris Christie's 'Euro-trip' goes bad

Chris Christie's 'Euro-trip' goes bad

02/04/15 08:43PM

Gov. Chris Christie's trip to Europe just seemed to keep going south this past week, thanks to controversies surrounding his remarks on the anti-vaccination debate and his silent treatment with reporters. Chris Matthews and panel discuss. watch

The Voice - 'Low-life scum' edition?

The Voice - 'Low-life scum' edition?

02/04/15 07:30PM

On tonight's Sideshow: David Letterman pokes fun at Sen. John McCain's livid response to Code Pink protesters, and Rep. Jason Chaffetz thinks the idea of painted portraits of politicians is a bit...dated. watch

ISIS slaying sets off Middle East firestorm

ISIS slaying sets off Middle East firestorm

02/04/15 07:17PM

Chris Matthews and guests discuss the implications of the latest gruesome ISIS execution, and how Jordan's executions of two ISIS suspects could indicate a turning point in how Middle Eastern nations will respond to the ISIS threat going forward. watch

NH is the home of incredible comebacks

New Hampshire is the home of incredible comebacks

02/03/15 07:28PM

Throughout history, unpredictable moments helped put candidates to the test and define the New Hampshire primary. Chris Matthews talks about the primary’s legacy with Neil Levesque from the New Hampshire Institute of Politics at Saint Anselm College. watch

New Hampshire 2016: Win here or die

New Hampshire 2016: Win here or die

02/03/15 07:00PM

One year out from the pivotal New Hampshire primary, it is clear that a mainstream candidate needs to do very well in the first primary state. Chris Matthews talks with former New Hampshire Gov. John Sununu about how 2016 candidates can win there. watch


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