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E.g., 9/22/2014
Hillary’s political tap dance with Obama

Hillary’s political tap dance with Obama

08/13/14 07:00PM

As Hillary Clinton begins to re-establish her own political brand following four years as President Obama's secretary of state, every move Clinton makes is being seen through the prism of a potential 2016 run. The Atlantic's Steve Clemons and USA Today's watch

Rick Perry

Rick Perry on Rick Perry: "I'm awesome."

08/13/14 12:47PM

According to The Des Moines Register, the Republican ended his speech at the Iowa State Fair Tuesday and when the moderator, who was from The Des Moines Register, thanked him for his appearance, Perry responded, "You're welcome. I'm awesome!" read more

Tensions high in Ferguson, Missouri

Tensions high in Ferguson, Missouri

08/12/14 07:19PM

Tensions ran high in Ferguson, Missouri again last night, as armored police warded off protestors three days after the shooting of Michael Brown. Jonathan Capehart and Ann Allred join to discuss. watch

Politicians plunge into Ice Bucket Challenge

08/12/14 03:13PM

The Ice Bucket Challenge continues to drench the country in waves of chilly water all in the name of charity. The challenge is simple. A participant is nominated to either dump a bucket of ice water over their head or donate to their charity of choice. The participant names several other nominees, who then have 24-hours to complete the challenge or donate to charity. Most participants choose to do both. read more

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