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More US troops to Iraq

More US troops to Iraq

06/10/15 07:00PM

Usually we get into a war with the bugles blowing and the crowds cheering. Yet here we go back into Iraq, lacking any faith in our side. How can President Obama sound the trumpet for a war that's already lost? watch

Saving Obamacare

Saving Obamacare

06/09/15 07:51PM

President Obama tries to save the signature achievement of his presidency, Obamacare. The Supreme Court could decide this month to gut it, and right now Obama nor the Republicans have a backup plan. Jonathan Capehart, Ryan Grim and Cherylyn Harley... watch

Hillary Clinton’s strategy under attack

Hillary Clinton’s strategy under attack

06/09/15 07:00PM

The battle for Hillary Clinton's heart and mind is on. Bernie Sanders threatens from the left and now come the warning calls from right of center. Which way should she turn? Betsy Woodruff, Ron Fournier and Patrick Healy discuss. watch

U.S. President Barack Obama hugs Vice President Joe Biden during the funeral of former Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden, son of Vice President Joe Biden, in Wilmington, Del. on June 6, 2015. (Photo by Doug Mills/Pool/Reuters)

Let Me Finish: A profession of love

06/08/15 08:10PM

If you think this is normal in American politics these days, let me break it to you -- "Love" isn't the word you hear, isn't the bond your notice. No, it's not even familiar to those of us who cover the political world of this early century, isn't the world around you when you get "into" politics as so... read more

The fight for Iowa among Republicans

The fight for Iowa among Republicans

06/08/15 07:36PM

We're just two months away from the first debate and Republicans are revving their engines. Meanwhile, an early front-runner may be emerging in the Hawkeye state. Robert Costa, Sabrina Siddiqui and Jamelle Bouie make up the Hardball Roundtable. watch

Sideshow: Darth Vader at a rodeo?

06/07/15 09:00PM

In a recent interview with the Wall Street Journal, former Vice President Dick Cheney attended a high school rodeo where his granddaughter was competing. When asked about his villainous alter ego, Cheney jumped on the opportunity to unveil one of his most prized possessions: a Darth Vader trailer hitch cover for the back of his truck. read more

Fall of the Berlin Wall 1989

Let Me Finish: What the fall of the Berlin Wall teaches us in 2015

06/04/15 08:10PM

Let me finish tonight with this."People don't mind being used," a friend of mine once wisely observed. "They mind being discarded." When I was covering the fall of the Berlin Wall, I interviewed a number of East Germans. I asked them why the communist system was failing, why so many people were rushing to the West and so... read more

Tasteless timing or honest mistake?

Tasteless timing or honest mistake?

06/04/15 07:48PM

The tasteless timing of Ted Cruz. He called it a "mistake" to make a joke about the Vice President less than a week after Biden’s son, Beau, died from brain cancer. The Washington Post’s Ruth Marcus, USA Today’s Susan Page and NBC News Senior... watch


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