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Paul Ryan takes on Obama over gun control

Paul Ryan takes on Obama over gun control

01/06/16 07:29PM

The American people overwhelmingly support stronger background checks for gun sales, but not House Speaker Paul Ryan. He calls President Obama's executive action on gun safety a "distraction." New York Congressman Steve Israel discusses. watch

Sanders ratchets up attacks on Clinton

Sanders ratchets up attacks on Clinton

01/06/16 07:18PM

Hillary Clinton told Chris Matthews she's a progressive Democrat, but Senator Bernie Sanders says she can't be a progressive and a moderate. Bernie needs to win New Hampshire to stay alive, so he's out there accusing Clinton of flip-flopping. NBC News’ Kristen Welker, MSNBC’s Joy Reid and Howard Dean discuss. watch

Hillary Clinton plays Hardball

Hillary Clinton plays Hardball

01/05/16 07:39PM

Watch some highlights of Chris Matthews’ wide-ranging interview with Hillary Clinton. Clinton talks about President Obama’s executive action, sexism she faces as a candidate, women in the military, bipartisanship, and more. watch

Clinton on guns, Donald Trump

Clinton on guns, Donald Trump

01/05/16 07:00PM

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gives her first national television interview of 2016 to Chris Matthews. She discusses President Obama’s executive action on gun control today and why the echo chamber around Donald Trump and the anti-immigrant rhetoric “undermines our values.” watch

2002 Flashback: Hillary on a female president

2002 Flashback: Hillary Clinton on a female president

01/05/16 01:24PM

Hillary Clinton participated in a Hardball College Tour back in 2002 at the University of Albany. Here’s what she had to say back then about whether the U.S. will have a female president. Chris Matthews interviews candidate Clinton, tonight, January 5, 2016 on Hardball at 7 p.m. ET on MSNBC. watch

It's almost time! Don't miss Hillary Clinton one-on-one with Chris Matthews tonight on Hardball 7pm/ethttp://on.msnbc.com/1kIBaD1

Posted by Hardball with Chris Matthews on Tuesday, January 5, 2016
How Sanders plans on breaking up the big...

How Sanders plans on breaking up the big banks

01/04/16 07:54PM

Senator Bernie Sanders is going on the air in early primary states and will be matching Hillary Clinton stride for stride…this as the Vermont Senator lays out his plan to break up the big banks. The Hardball Roundtable tells Chris Matthews something he doesn’t know. watch


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