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Clinton endorsed by LA Times

Clinton endorsed by LA Times

06/03/16 07:23PM

NBC News' Kasie Hunt, The Washington Post's Dana Milbank and The New Yorker's Hendrik Hertzberg join to discuss Hillary Clinton's L.A. Times endorsement, and Clinton's assertion that it would be a "historic mistake" to elect Donald Trump. watch

Clinton 'questioning mental health' of Trump

Trump gets Ryan's vote, Clinton's punches

06/02/16 07:00PM

House Speaker Paul Ryan announced he's on Donald Trump's side, building even more GOP unification behind the candidate. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton launched some scathing attacks on Trump and his mental health. The Hardball roundtable joins Chris Matthews to discuss. watch

Sanders ratchets up attacks on Democrats

Sanders ratchets up attacks on Democrats

06/01/16 07:18PM

Bernie Sanders is at war with some of the biggest liberal icons of the Democratic party, including former U.S. Congressman Barney Frank. Frank faces off with Sanders campaign manager Jeff Weaver on Hardball. watch

Trump in attack mode since securing...

Trump in attack mode since securing nomination

06/01/16 07:04PM

Donald Trump punched at reporters at a press conference to detail charitable contributions to veterans' groups. The New York Times' Ashley Parker and The Washington Post's Robert Costa and Eugene Robinson join to discuss. watch

Sanders doesn't say 'no' to being Clinton...

Sanders doesn't say 'no' to being Clinton's VP

05/31/16 07:22PM

Former Gov. Ed Rendell, D - Pa., and TIME Magazine's Jay Newton-Small discuss the role of California in shaping the Democratic presidential race, and the revelation that Bernie Sanders wouldn't necessarily say "no" to being Hillary Clinton's VP pick. watch


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