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Let Me Finish: The trade issue

04/22/15 08:10PM

I think it's important that the Democrats take a hard look at any trade deal for the impact it's likely to have on jobs and economic development in this country. It's important that the country and the party look at how this Pacific trade deal affects us overall. Will it help us compete in the world? Will it help create jobs for... read more

Hillary Clinton caught in the middle on...

Hillary Clinton caught in the middle on issues

04/22/15 07:38PM

Hillary Clinton's trying to strike the a balance between the progressive wing of her party and the mainstream. But doesn't she need to go center-left for a big win next November? Joy Reid, Joe Conason and Michelle Goldberg make up tonight’s Hardball... watch

Rand Paul's 'war' over war

Rand Paul's 'war' over war

04/22/15 07:18PM

Sen. Rand Paul is going after the war hawks in his own party, including John McCain and Lindsey Graham. Paul is making a bet that everyday Republican voters are as sick and tired of war as the everyday Democrats. Howard Fineman and Ron Fournier have... watch

Chuck Schumer

Schumer on trade fight: "We're turning over our economy to the Chinese"

04/22/15 07:05PM

Senator Charles Schumer, the next leader of the Democrats in the Senate and a vocal critic of the President’s trade agenda, dug in for a prolonged fight with the White House on the issue of Chinese currency manipulation. This after President Obama slammed critics as “wrong” to oppose his trade agenda during a roundtable discussion with "... read more

The trade debate heats up

The trade debate heats up

04/22/15 07:00PM

The debate is on! Are Democrats for expanding U.S. trade with the world and perhaps creating new American jobs…or are they out to protect existing U.S. jobs? Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) responds to Pres. Obama’s comments on Hardball last night. watch

Fiercest opponents of TPP are on the left

Fiercest opponents of TPP are on the left

04/21/15 07:42PM

The fiercest opponents of the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership deal are usually President Obama's natural allies. Senator Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., discusses her concerns about the TPP deal. Then, Harold Ford Jr., Joan Walsh and Heather McGhee also join watch

Obama on Iran, Yemen and mixed signals

Obama on Iran, Yemen and mixed signals

04/21/15 07:32PM

Chris Matthews speaks to President Obama about the threat of Iran and the news that U.S. warships could intercept an Iranian weapons convoy off the coast of Yemen. The president also talks about his upcoming trip to Kenya. watch

Here comes the clown car

Here comes the clown car

04/20/15 07:50PM

Mike Huckabee takes the wheel of the Republican clown car, saying parents shouldn't let their kids join the military until President Obama is out of office. The Daily Beast’s Jackie Kucinich, Mother Jones David Corn, and the Washington Post’s Matea Gold watch

The trade wars

The trade wars

04/20/15 07:19PM

The hot issue of free trade puts President Obama and Republicans against progressive Democrats. Chris Matthews hears from both sides of this fight as Sen. Sherrod Brown and former Gov. Ed Rendell weigh in. watch

The anti-Hillary overkill

The anti-Hillary overkill

04/20/15 07:00PM

A legion of Republican presidential candidates holds one abiding, unifying belief: It's that the best way to run for November 2016 is to bash Hillary Clinton in April 2015. American Urban Radio Networks April Ryan and Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman ha watch


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