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Mitt Romney, the populist

Mitt Romney, the populist

01/19/15 07:39PM

A new CBS News Poll says 59 percent of Republicans want Romney to run in 2016. Charles Ellison, Melinda Henneberger and Jonathan Allen join Chris Matthews to discuss. watch

The cursed SOTU response job

The cursed SOTU response job

01/16/15 07:32PM

The State of the Union response has been a tradition since 1966, and it's a chance for the party out of power to introduce their rising-stars to the country. But recently, through poor preparation or plain bad luck, the responses have been better remember watch

Christie rips into local press

Christie rips into local press

01/16/15 07:18PM

Last night during a local radio interview, Christie ripped into the local press for what he saw as unfair and selfish coverage focusing on a meeting he held with national media outlets before Tuesday's watch

Sideshow: Get ready for Big Block of Cheese Day!

01/16/15 06:51PM

For the second year in a row, the White House is celebrating its Big Block of Cheese Day on January 21.  It’s a day the Obama administration sets aside to interact with citizens from across the country via social media. So what does accessibility to the White House have to do with cheese? read more

Hillary assembling A-list for 2016

Hillary assembling A-list for 2016

01/15/15 07:51PM

Hillary Clinton is assembling an A-list operation for 2016 and drawing top-notch talent from President Obama's two successful Presidential campaigns to help her succeed the second time around. The Hardball Roundtable joins. watch


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