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E.g., 3/4/2015
John Kerry, Benjamin Netanyahu- 09/15/13

Let Me Finish: The news about Iran

02/24/15 08:10PM

My guess is, the people running that country are looking at three routes they can take in the near and intermediate future. They can go along with a deal that, at minimum, delays any plans they have for building a nuclear weapons arsenal. That would end the sanctions and put them back on the road to a strong economic presence in the region. read more

Who was the greatest civil rights president?

Who was the greatest civil rights president?

02/24/15 07:26PM

President Obama will be in Alabama next week to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Selma march. Joseph Califano Jr., Chief Assistant for Domestic Affairs to President Lyndon Johnson, reflects on the milestone with Chris Matthews. watch

Let Me Finish: The GOP contest of hate

02/23/15 08:10PM

Let me finish with this contest of hate we're watching among the Republican candidates for president. "How much do you -- how much can you -- hate President Obama?" It's like those old-time events at the country fair: you pick up a big hammer and see how hard you can bring it down.  The guy who gets the bell to ring -- and... read more

The Oscars get political

The Oscars get political

02/23/15 07:50PM

The Hardball round table - Susan Page, Clarence Page and Lauren Fox - discuss the passionate political speeches from celebrities on Sunday night's Oscars ceremony. watch

Walker plays down his opposition to abortion

Scott Walker plays down his opposition to abortion

02/23/15 07:40PM

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is trying to play down his opposition to abortion in light of a potential 2016 run. Lauren Fox, Susan Page and Clarence Page discuss whether Walker is shifting, punting or flip-flopping on the issue. watch

The Oscars: Politically Incorrect?

The Oscars: Politically Incorrect?

02/20/15 07:49PM

A Democratic congressman from North Hollywood wants to meet with the Academy's President about the lack of diversity in this year's Oscar ceremonies. Has all this talk about Oscar politics been justified? The Hardball roundtable shares some thoughts. watch


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