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RNC chairman tells Trump to 'tone it down'

RNC chairman tells Trump to 'tone it down'

07/09/15 07:00PM

Donald Trump, Reince Priebus called and he wants his party back. While Trump is calling a conversation with the RNC chairman “congratulatory”, a source tells NBC News Priebus asked Trump to “tone it down”. The Washington Post’s Robert Costa, Republican watch

Poll: Americans remain hopeful Washington can change

07/09/15 06:31PM

It's no surprise the country doesn't like Washington, but Americans remain hopeful it can change. Take a look at these numbers from a new Monmouth University poll. Half of Americans feel the current government in Washington has a negative impact on people's lives. Just 21% say it has a positive impact read more

Donald Trump

Donald Trump: The Ringmaster on the Right

07/08/15 08:10PM

Let me finish tonight with a bit of pure American politics. Like it or not, buy Donald Trump or not, the performance he put on today in that televised interview was political gold. Trump did what other politicians are not doing: connecting to tens of millions of American people. read more

Sen. Ted Cruz plays Hardball

Sen. Ted Cruz plays Hardball

07/08/15 07:00PM

All eyes may be on Donald Trump at the moment, but the man who may replace him as the Republican party's top challenger to the establishment is on Hardball. Senator Ted Cruz talks to Chris Matthews about running for president and his new book. watch

Operation Jade Helm 15 to begin next week

Operation Jade Helm 15 to begin next week

07/06/15 07:32PM

The far right is bracing for the American invasion…of Texas. The conspiracy theorists are out there again, warning of a secret pentagon operation, which starts next week and some fear is an invasion of Texas. The Washington Post’s Kevin Sullivan... watch

Rick Santorum plays Hardball

Rick Santorum plays Hardball

07/06/15 07:17PM

Four years ago, former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum won the Iowa Caucuses. Now, he's struggling to make the cut for the first debate next month. He sits down with Chris Matthews to talk about how he plans to turn things around. watch

GOP rivals blast Trump for immigration...

GOP rivals blast Trump for immigration comments

07/06/15 07:00PM

The fight between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush gets personal as the real estate mogul attacks Bush on immigration…and his own family. Huffington Post’s Howard Fineman and the Washington Post’s Kathleen Parker and Jonathan Capehart have more. watch

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Campaign Rally

Let Me Finish: A sentiment that is very American

07/02/15 08:10PM

Let me finish with a sentiment that is both progressive and conservative, a sentiment that is very much American. There is a growing sense left and right that the political class -- meaning the people who run for office every time, much like those kids in school who ran for class president or student body president every year -- are not looking... read more

Could this be President Obama’s best month...

Could this be President Obama’s best month ever?

07/02/15 07:37PM

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare and same-sex marriage last week and now the latest unemployment numbers mean lots of good news for President Obama. Could this be his best month ever? Time magazine’s Jay Newton-Small, the Daily Beast’s Mich watch


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