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Would Cruz select Trump as veep?

01/14/16 06:08PM

Who would Senator Ted Cruz consider as his running mate if he gets the Republican presidential nomination?  David Catanese of U.S. News & World Report tells Chris Matthews that he spoke to Senator Cruz last week in Iowa on his campaign bus for 45 minutes. He asked him about how he’d select a running mate if he’s the nominee.  The Texas... read more

Cruz, Trump trade jabs ahead of debate

Cruz, Trump trade jabs ahead of debate

01/13/16 07:00PM

The Republicans argued that President Obama was born in Kenya. They forced him to show his birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii. Now, Trump is going after Ted Cruz, saying he was born in Canada. What's Cruz going to do about it? NBC News’ Hallie Jackson, Republican pollster Kristen Soltis-Anderson and the Wall Street Journal... watch

Paul: I’m the loudest voice in the GOP

Paul: I’m the loudest voice in the GOP

01/12/16 07:28PM

Senator Rand Paul will not be on the main stage at this week’s Republican debate in South Carolina…and he’s not happy about it. He calls the decision by Fox Business an insult and has vowed to sit-out the undercard debate. He talks to Chris Matthews about his decision. watch


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